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Gina Efstathopoulos


Woodside, NY, 11377

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The Final Thoughts of Eight Belles


Gina Efstathopoulos

I'm going there again, oh God, going there again,
My good friend by my side. We nuzzle and joyfully trot,
But as I remember, this will soon end.
Because I'm going there.
Going in there again. It's a tight fit in there,
But I have to go. It's o.k., though, I won't be in
There too long.
He's on my back again. That one, the human, who I try
So hard to make my friend, but he does not seem to budge.
He only wishes to get on with it.
For his sake more than my own, I must jolt out of the
Tight-fitting room very fast. I do not wish to
Disappoint him.
O.K.,, no, o.k., I'm in...I'm scared and
I'm nervous, but it won't be long, as I remember...a few
Minutes longer. I can't see anything but the metal gate
In front of me. All I can feel is the cold metal and the human.
He is nervous and scared also. I can feel it. I want to
Explode!...I want to jolt out!
He holds on so tight with his legs...I can hardly breath...I'm...
RRRIIINNNGGGG!!! [and they're off!]
I'm out, good Lord, I'm out...YES! Running, Running, I love it, but
Hey, I can't go quite that fast! That hurts..I must run faster, I think,
Yes, I know I must run faster. Running, Running, whatever the human
Is doing hurts so bad, so I must Run, Run, faster and faster...
I see my brown friend straight ahead of me...Hey Big Brown friend, It's
me, Eight Belles, right behind you!...Wait, wait for me...we must nuzzle and
Play now!
SNAP, SNAP...I'm falling, wait for me my brown hurts,
Human, hurts so bad...where are you going, human? Don't leave me like this...NEIGH! NEIGH!
It hurts...I'm so sorry, human I have disappointed
Please, someone help me...what are all you humans doing around me? Are
You here to help me up? Please help me up! It hurts...
It hurts...It h......
Wow, it's so beautiful on the other side...grass as green as the greenest emerald...rolling hills,
my friends are all there, we are nuzzling and trotting...funny though, not a human in sight.
So sorry I disappointed you all, but now I must run free.

By Gina M. Efstathopoulos