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Marlana Kay Edwards


Knoville, TN, US

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A Loss Of Hope


Marlana Kay Edwards

I just don't know what to think anymore.
One day I recieved A heartache I never had before.
Other words I was heartbrokenly confused.
It's about a guy I love and who I don't want to be accused.

A very special british guy who totally brightens up my world.
But I have read that he fancies another girl.
When I found out it sucked out all of my hope.
The shocky feeling squeezed my heart tightly like a rope.

During that moment I felt like letting go.
But my achy heart wouldn't let me do so.
At bedtime my heart ached so bad that I just cried.
Things just blow up no matter how hard I've tried.

Sometimes I think he only fancy his own kind.
Even though it might be just in my mind.
He's still the one that I can't afford to think of anything
bad about.
I still love him and that's no doubt.

But everything seems totally lost.
Like something just took my hope and frozed it with a
He will always be the handsomest one of all.
No matter how many times my heart fall.