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Marlana Kay Edwards


Knoxville, TN, US

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The Valentine Of Horror


Marlana Kay Edwards

Valentine's Day was totally frightening.
Scary and horrible like a struck of lightning.
The scariest day of my life.
I felt like I was stabbed by a knife.
I heard something sliding under my front door.
It was a red heart shaped card on the floor.

The words were filled with dread.
A fatal threat.

Roses are red.
Violets are blue.
Other girlfriends are dead.
And so are you.

It let me know that the crazy person was near.
During bedtime my heart was filled with fear.

My Failure Of Love


Marlana Kay Edwards

I think I totally failed.
I felt really bailed.
And I gave the actor my heart.
But it feels like it's slowly breaking apart.
He never responded o me in days.
I'm starting to think he has ungratful ways.
I sent e-cards and never recieved a thank you.
One day my heart felt like it was broken in two.
I have been smiling on the outside.
But crying and hurting on the inside.
I felt like I was kicked out of the circle.
Treated ill like a dirty turtle.

No More Death Penalty


Marlana Kay Edwards

No one deserves to die.
And that's no lie.
No matter what the violent people do.
We have to care for them too.
That's what God wants us to do.
Life in prison is the best clue.
No one deserve to be fried in electric chairs.
We should be more fair.
Thou shall not kill.
Taking violent pepole's lives is not the way to deal.
And taking them in our own hands can be worst.
We should put God first.

My Easy Heart (True Story)


Marlana Kay Edwards

I was born with a real tender heart.
When people holler and scream it easily breaks apart.
My heart gets treated like a dirty hunk of wood.
Some relatives don't respect it like they should.
Sometimes they insult me for crying.
And toughness is totally not worth buying.
It's totally rotten and poisoning to me.
Some people don't understand how hurtful it can be.
Being a sensitive person is not weak or wrong.
And it doesn't mean you're not strong.
Tough people are just unfair and rude.
And have very nasty attitudes.
If they can't be kind or fair.
Then they should get somewhere.
Misery is what they put you through.
Never let them manipulate you.
Don't mine them you'll do just fine.
We have a right to cry and whine.
Being yourself is the person you should be.
Take it from me.