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Ray Edwards


Galveston, TX, US

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Brother and Sis


Ray Edwards

On Angel wings, softly aglow
Today, two dear souls, to heaven did go;
A puppy and a kitty, Brother and Sisí,
Nicholas and Callie both, we will sadly miss.

Dispelling fear and diminishing their pain so much,
you achieved it all, with your gentle, healing touch;
While witnessing our breaking hearts, and tear filled eyes,
You reached out to aide us, in our sobbing goodbyes.

Everybody and everything, rarely receives a touch,
by someone like you, who cares, who cares so very much;
Weíve all said our prayers of thank-you, to God above,
from all in our family, who have received your love.

Two spirits together, flying so high,
always near each other, way up in the sky;
They shared time with all of us, here on earth,
now in Gods arms, they receiveeverlasting rebirth.

Goodbye Nicholas and Callie,
soon together once again, you two and we.

Once Upon the Horizon


Ray Edwards

Once upon the horizon,
I chanced to see,
A bright Light,
shining forth, once again beckoning of me.

With each step,
the more wondrous it became,
but the closer I got,
I realized today, life would not be the same.

As my trek quickened,
and time sped by,
I soon attributed the light,
to what I thought was a figment of my minds eye.

Was the beacon an image,
of what I yearned for,
of Love - of destiny,
or maybe something, much meaningfully, more.

The dawn of a new moment within,
was what it turned out to be,
in purging myself, of all my worldly sin,
the true path to travel, I was once again, able to see.

Crying to the Man In The Moon


Ray Edwards

I once saw and heard a wolf, was he howling at the stars;
No, I thought that night, heís crying to the man in the moon.

He was sad about the death of his mate, caught in a snare;
Lost forever to the Spirit world, never more to be seen or heard.

The Alpha Male once so proud, now diminished by his loss;
Resorts to almost humanlike behavior, by offering up a prayer.

The pups she once cared for and fed, whimpered their soft refrain;
Were now the responsibility of another, whom he might learn to love.

All the others in the pack joined in his song, understanding and sharing;
In his mournful and erie cry, once again pledging their loyalty to him.

Natures once proud and abounding breeds, slowly but surely diminished;
by a misunderstood and uncaring law, that they were dangerous to one and all.

From the crest of that proud vantage point, a wolf prayer was shared;
Reminding me and others when all seems lost, we can Cry To The Man In The Moon.

A Helping Hand


Ray Edwards

The sunshine glanced upon my face,
from around the shade in my window;
As I shakingly awoke to find,
so many tear stains upon my pillow.

Of what, I asked myself did I dream,
before the coming of those warming rays;
As I rose to pear through dew covered panes,
wondering if the memory of my dream, would stay.

The dew that cleanses the grimy dust,
from everything within its silvery touch;
Just like the tears that purify my memory,
of the dream that saddened me, so very much.

A bright smile slowly appeared, upon my face,
for in that chilly moment, I came to understand;
That the dew and my tears each have their place,
as gifts from God, to give us all a helping hand.

The cleansing of all that is Mother Natures,
along with the purifying of my darkened memories;
Show me that each day, is a wonderful new adventure,
with many clean and happy things for me to see.

Now each and every dark filled night,
before I lay my head down and try to sleep;
I pray to happily find, when I sleepily awake,
All of Mother Nature and myself, at our very best.



Ray Edwards

On unseen currents, during seemingly unguided flight;
My spirit drifted along, weightless, one lonely night.

Among the memories of past lives, I was reminded of;
All my strengths, weaknesses, and shortcomings of sight.

Thru my minds eye, I relived moments of happy and sad;
recalling instances, that are covered during the waking light.

At that time I felt absolutely free, from all my worldly cares;
carried aloft as though I was, soaring like an Eagle in flight.

Intoxicating Potions


Ray Edwards

I saw your heart cry,
through your minds eye:
you opened so I might see,
the sorrow caused by me.

The anger and hurt,
your withdrawing did show:
your heart was deeply burnt,
trying to show me all I needed to know.

Still, the unbridled emotions,
running deep yet so silent:
vastly intoxicating potions,
draining till I am totally spent.

Yet, not another single solitary day,
will I lay and hold you tight:
wrongs for which I must pay,
no matter, how much wishing I might.



Ray Edwards

If I were to be a Genie, my lamp you did find,
what would you ask of me, off the top of you of your mind?

From within my darkened lamp, all safe and secure,
you beckon " Come forth quickly, " to grant you three unsure wishes.

Would they be for Happiness, Health, and Copious Wealth,
or for World Peace, which you desire for everyone near and far.

" Choose wisely my friend " I say in Haste, " ítis not upon a star "
" today you wish, and to do so unwisely would be a terrible waste

The Sands Of Time


Ray Edwards


I ponder to what places, this heart of mine will take me;
And what if any, interesting things can, or will I see?

Will I ever again, chance a gaze upon your beautiful smile;
or shall I tread onward forever lonely, for each passing mile?

Will I experience the warming starlight in your eyes;
or shall I walk eternity beneath cloud darkened skies?

Will I feel the beating of our hearts touched by sunshine;
or remain grasped coldly, forever frozen within time?

Will I, in the future, be able to recall inward visions of you;
Which stay imprinted by your Love, forever within my mind?



Ray Edwards

Islands of controlling fear,
floating in seas of despair
bottomless pits with walls so shear
no longer able to function or care.

Rocking and rolling, up and down
going in all directions at once, nowhere at all
to fit in Iíve played the fool, or the clown
the only way I could see not to feel it all.

Feeling all alone while in a crowd
knowing that any moment I would need to run
searching for available exits or protective shroud
for darkness is safety, and in it eyes cannot shun

Moments of madness and excessive energy
pull me up and push me forward without direction
unable to focus or complete the simplest task
I dash around uncontrolled seeing all in refraction

The winding staircase going up or down
always in circles, never straight as an arrow
forcing me in either unknown direction
like the tides my emotions ebb and flow

Without Knowing Why


Ray Edwards

During the darkness, in the brightness of my minds eye;
I glimpsed the failed past, and felt again the searing pains.

Drifting away slowly, no matter what I may have tried;
I was distanced from you, as I had been time and again.

Closing my arms and my heart, I had selfishly laid by;
not knowing how to hold you, silently reading your pain.

Pulling away from you without ever realizing why;
my soul was shrouded in confusion, my heart tears did stain.

In my spiraling sadness, I tried my best not to cry;
yet the saltiness flowed silently, drowning me over and again.

While pushing you away, feeling unaccepted in your minds eye;
I gave you not what you truly needed, so withdrawn you had lain.

Pushed beyond endurance, maybe you knew the end was nearby;
I left without resistance, choking down the feelings of disdain. understand me


Ray Edwards

" Please try to understand me, " I say,
" and accept me as I forever will be ";
" For today is tomorrow, as tomorrow is today,
yesterdays are left behind, leaving only memories ".

Mistakes Iíve made, filling me with guilt,
not knowing how to make simple amends;
My moods would linger, with a strong hold,
unable to break free, without your determined help.

Try as you did, so many times before,
I betrayed your trust, one time too many;
I stand lonely looking for solace, on the shore,
waiting for the waves, to come and take me.

Our Love and Concern for each other,
where oh where did our intentions go awry;
for as we seek solitude, we also seek solace together,
for one another we were shoulders upon which to cry.

For as we are born, to ultimately die,
we say hello to others, till one day we must say goodbye;
Upon the whispering wings of a beautiful butterfly,
my prayers of happiness for you, go out with an audible sigh.

Raindrops and Waves


Ray Edwards

The drops pound furiously, at crests of white,
trying to tame unitedly, natures great might.
Crashing thunder and, flashing lightning bolts of blue,
past aware, reminding of things between we two.

Angry roaring waves, rushing towards the sand,
trying to push back rain, pouring off the island.
First with a push, then retreating for regroup,
to no avail, resulting only in boiling soup.

Now as the rains recede, and quiet overcomes,
I look at what I, nature and you have become.
I have gotten better and you gotten stronger,
Nature has become more the glorious wonder.

Like the rain and waves we were joined briefly together,
now separate we two, remaining friends not lovers
The memory of our union, more than thunder,
reminding me of my emotional blunders.

Quiet Peace Of Mind


Ray Edwards

I fell the overpowering draw, the moon creates,
on body, mind and soul, yet more so my fate.

My mind races about, unguided, uncontrolled,
" till the right medicines," Doctor says, "take a hold."

Sometimes pulling me upward, and then pushing me down,
no wonder I feel people look at me as a clown.

I live on a tilt-a-wheel, rock-rolling around,
hearing at all volumes, a multitude of sounds.

Searching high and low, inside and behind all things,
on the one true answer, never quite focusing.

What works best for me, I may sadly never find,
that every person seeks, a quiet peace of mind.

Whole Once Again


Ray Edwards

Beckoning the ocean swirls around my feet,
my Father up above, I intending, to meet.

My tears falling down, across my cheeks,
cold and wet I was, unable even to speak.

Falling upon my knees, water above my hips,
not a whisper could, pass these trembling lips.

Then over the powerful crashing waves thunder,
a soothing voice said, " Believe and youíll not go under."

The fear of drowning, in the black ocean so near,
now diminished by overwhelming torrents of tears.

Lifted up by unseen gentle, yet powerful hands,
I walked clear of the waves, to be still upon the sand.

God reached down to a child, wracked with pain,
with his words he helped, me feel, WHOLE ONCE AGAIN.



Ray Edwards

I look above and wonder if the star filled night,
I wish with all my heart and earthly strength,
would grant me what I am wishing tonight.

Iíve looked deep into your twinkling eyes so,
many times in the past and wondered,
I may see what you really wanted to know.

I cherish your loving hugs and your touch,
and wish so many more to come our way,
and hope 2000 will give us both so much.

We cannot be together at that important time,
as you have conveyed so many times before,
but always you will be in this heart of mine.

So as you are hugged, when the bells toll or ring,
think of times we shared, as I will be and know,
that I hope the New Year, Happiness for us it will bring.