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Thaddaeus A. Edwards


Rocky Mount, NC, US

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This Famylyer Scene


Thaddaeus A. Edwards

His face and body and soul
is led by her transparent pull;
He is caught in Temptation's grasp
He is whom with to play the fool.
And now this fool's heart is caught.
Has caught his eye; her supple lips,
Bosom of joy and soul of death
Her violent beauty does eclipse.

From high above, Temptation watches
As this famylyer scene plays out
And call on her brother, Tragedy,
As he begins to scream and shout...

The siblings laugh and squeal with laughter,
Humored by this fool's hasty death;
Unprepared for the hereafter
The Fool exhales his final breath.



Thaddaeus A. Edwards

Underground the river flows
Calling mine, calling out your name.
Answer it, my child, me leige
Back, back towards the water
Let go of me you scream
Calling out, yelling out our names.
Together forever we'll always be
I assure you.
To grasp the safe reality of the ground
the soil beneath our feet.
But you can't.
Continue our dance, our lover's waltz
Calling yours, beating out my love
For you.
This is love.
the river says
Repositioning its hold on my mind.
My soul is the water's;
The water is your lover
I want to say, but I can't remember the words.
Calling me, calling me the hell
I know I am.
You are about to know;
you want to know what
the river says to me.
Calling it, Calling me the river's kin
I know within the outcome
of the struggle-dance
on the bank.
There. There. Fall.
Join the river. Know the river's pull.
Taste the river's love.
Freeze; the river's cold.
Sink the river's depth.
Hear the river's voice.
Die the river's death.