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Yammick Edward


Castries, Saint Lucia

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Mr. Bigsbys Scar


Yammick Edward

We used to watch him
passing down the road where we lived
he shuffled,
stepping carefully.
We used to watch "him" but most times we watched his scar.
It was a scary ugly looking thing that made us wonder just what had happened to him.
And though we wondered,
nobody dared to ask.
We guessed of course,
making up stories as we went along.
We would say that he had gotten it after he fell,
fought or something like that.
Others with their wild vivid imaginatons said that he had gotten it while escaping some evil mystical monster.
It was a dumb thing wonder about
but we did
as we were children with nothing to do.
We wondered about Mr.Bigsby's scar.