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Gbuyiro Adeshina Edward


Ikeja, Lagos, Nigeria

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A treasure


Gbuyiro Adeshina Edward

You are a golden treasure, in the journey we call life, when people find treasure, some may not know the value of what they have found and they throw away their blessing carelessly.

Some keep their own tressure for some time and lose interest, either because they don't realise the actual value of their treasure or because they lack the spirit of love to polish their tresure to shine.

For me, the moment I met you, I knew I had found a treasure of great value. A treasure to be polished on a daily basis with love and care.

A treasure that will give my life a new meaning, a treasure I'm ready to fight battles to keep forever, a blessing and gift from Almighty God. Really, God blessed the day I found you Darlin'. My love for you will always remain pure and true.

Mr Boss


Gbuyiro Adeshina Edward

Boss Returning From War,
Warried out With Wounds and Jars
Tells the tales of Blood and strives
Woe and Suffering to His wife
Never mind My dear Boss
Said his Wife
Your tool is Safe,
Let's Go to Bed