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Christopher Eberly


East Norriton, US

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tribe of a Hollow Heart


Christopher Eberly

The tribe of a Hollow Heart
believed in simple things and called it an art.
Their thoughts were slender, thin, and consommé
Their priests would marry all but the gay

Then along came a hairless man with great features
And OOOHHH such a wonderful ass
He was soooo sight amazed of the men in the room
That he looked past the prettiest lass

His pants were tight leather and chained pair of ear
It reached past his nuts and into his

He smiled like us and we quick faced it back
Braved it like little Kings
So it must be a fact

If you like men or if you like girls
Some like nuts and
Some like squirrels
So what if your "like" is not mine
To share
To quantify Love is not ours to
So smile and love and
Feel fit to Share



Christopher Eberly

I turn around, only to have my neck caught with strings
MustenEye accept the time as it is_?
And simile?
The doctor fixes all and asks to sign in
Waxes debauchery out of his silky skin

His straining eyes look for specks in the air
Like trying to find gold in a bottle of wine
Fairy says, "So listening to those freaks will keep you dead, robbing from the sun
But you were the King, right?"

Yesterday, and another
How to eat? When others not?