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Chris Eberly


Norristown, PA, US

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This Torture


Chris Eberly

This love that confounds me and berates to the soul
Gripping most madly, making me old. Whilst stroking
my pain and making me cold. So shiver unknown_
It is love
I am told.

This love that surrounds to make me believe that
Pain is built falsely and someday must leave. But why
in my heart is Pain I believe?
Love must be true pain
Torturing me



Chris Eberly

happy wife
happy life

happy life
happy wife



Chris Eberly

I Have Good Veins (status of medical culture)

My Vesuvius pulse is very niche
They is momma and poppas
Pushy past skin to see light and day
So when I give an arm, nursy smiles with grin and begins to say
"Wide open roads, my Venus man"
Please nursy - do not be rash
Be nice with my flowing
Canals of scarlet trash