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Luke Easter


Cleveland, OH, US

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A Prayer To You Lord God


Luke Easter

Dearest the LORD thy GOD,
I come to YOU on bended knee,
Giving praise, honor and glory,
And whatever else pleases THEE.

In the name of JESUS I pray,
Thank you HEAVENLY FATHER for another day,
Itís not about the kind of weather outside,
But the spirit of JESUS CHRIST in my life,
With HIS STRIPES from CAVALRY we are forever healed,
A convent with faith, hope and love seals this deal.

Itís only fitting that I start the day,
With an acknowledgement of spirit and grace,
For surely salvation has come my way,
Putting smile after smile on my face,

Making easier the sometimes daily grind,
For it is stated in the Bible many times,
We need to stop putting our trust in man,
Everyday my needs, hopes and dreams are in YOUR HANDS,
With sincere faith, belief and trust in the SON of MAN,
Through JESUS CHRIST (all things) yes I can.

YOUR DIVINE WILL is what I seek my FATHER,
When my plans are not blessed by YOU why bother?
Woe be unto to me I should ask and receive,
Something I should get and not really need.

A gift of a certain nature that I know all to well,
A tool to be used by Satan for a one way ticket to hell,
A prize that is not a prize for what itís meant to be,
Only DIVINE BLOOD LOVE & SALVATION will set me free,
I ask in the name of JESUS as I seek strength for everyday strife,
My goal is to have the door open to heaven gaining eternal life.

Well my HEAVENLY CREATOR itís time for my day to begin,
To walk in the steps of CHRIST JESUS my protector & friend,
Till tonight comes my FATHER when I kneel once again,
In the DIVINE BLOOD name of JESUS thank YOU and Amen.

Midnight Love


Luke Easter

Midnight Love come letís fly,
To a world up above in the sky,
Midnight Love always true,
Weíll hold hands by the stars just us two,
With precious love deep in our hearts,
Weíll take a vow to never part,
And we will see tonight,
How love can feel when itís right,
Weíll make love by moonlight,
Till the morning sun shines through,
There will be no one else,
In the heavenís above,
Forever because always together in love,
My sweet midnight love just me and you,
Upon our return to the world below,
Iíll be dreaming of you the whole day through,
Oh I can hardly wait to be back in your arms,
Far away from the world and all of its harm.

GOD Sent Me An Angel


Luke Easter

Heaven sent me an Angel,

Her name happened to be Joyce,

Although I wasnít always smart enough,

I knew she was the right choice,

The devil would sometimes explode in me,

Iíd make some awful sounds,

Through all of my selfish iniquities,

Joyce always stood her ground,

She brought into this world,

A very precious little girl,

We put our heads together,

And named her Shari-Danielle,

Thank God Joyce was with me,

But some times I did sneak by,

Whenever I did things I shouldnít have,

For sure she would catch me in a lie,

Itís been almost 25 years with you Joyce,

This poem is just to let you know,

I would happily do them all over again,

You are my one and only Baby-Roe!