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Luke Easter


Cleveland Heights, OH, US

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It's Still Not Too Late


Luke Easter

JESUS loves, heals and saves,
All those who sincerely believe,
HE shed blood, tears and pain,
To save the likes of you and me.
In return what HE asked of us,
Was a relatively simple price to pay,
Just follow 10 laws of GOD our FATHER,
Given to Moses on the mountain that day.
However, for some unknown reason,
A lot of mankind has been lead astray,
Material things have seemed to take the place,
Of the plans GOD our FATHER laid out that day.
Of course our FATHER wants us to be successful and prosper,
But we kept going about it the wrong way,
HIS only son JESUS died on the cross for us,
Yet some of us still did not change.
What a very selfish world we reside in today,
Crime, suicide bombers, corrupt CEOís, the list will never end,
GOD our FATHER looks down and shakes HIS head,
All HE ever wanted was for us was to be HIS friend.
Too many of us take this life for granted,
Not realizing JESUS is here to show us a better way,
Forgetting that life on earth is only temporary,
Come Judgement day we all will have to pay.
GOD will not accept coupons,
There is no buy one and one gets in free,
Excuses will not be accepted,
Yet itís still not too late for you and me.
Our GOD is a loving and forgiving FATHER,
Thatís why HIS son JESUS is here,
So why do many of us choose to be led astray?
JESUS doesnít want us far from HIM but near.
Time is quickly coming to an end,
Yet itís not too late for each to play their part,
Itís not an expensive price to pay,
Simply believe in GOD and let JESUS into your heart!

Words To Say


Luke Easter

As thoughts travel from the mind to the heart,
And spoken words cause my lips to part,
Spewing forth praise, honor and glory as an art,
This is the way everyday needs to start.

Are you docile, are you humble, and are you meek?
Itís The Kingdom of Heaven first you must seek,
Before anything else will ever be done,
Genuinely pray to the FATHER through the SON.

Holler, shout, jump, jive and wail,
The Kingdom of Heaven will soon prevail,
Donít be caught standing in the wrong line,
Only the FATHER knows the exact date and time.

You will not conquer the strongman without a sneak attack,
Never being able to subdue him unless itís behind his back,
On guard, be ready, for the second coming of CHRIST,
There will only be one time we donít get to do it twice.

Although an unGODLY world our GODLY Conduct can still be right,
The only thing that matters is your name in The Book Of Life,
Itís up to you to choose forever where youíll dwell,
A mansion in heaven or an apartment in hell.

Woe be to those who will experience the grief,
An eternity of weeping and gnashing of teeth,
Infinity in suffering with Satan and his kind,
Choosing to act on thoughts he shoots in your mind.

For 24 hours a day are here then theyíre gone for good,
Donít live tomorrow for yesterday thinking well, I should_
Eternity begins but never ends even with life on earth,
Live everyday through JESUS CHRIST knowing what youíre worth.

A seasoned grain of salt thatís pleasing to the taste,
Never allow a day to go by where you sit and waste,
The sun, the moon, the stars, whatever the weather may be,
FATHER in the name of JESUS thanks for all YOUíVE done for me.

I know that I could never send a child of mine,
To suffer the likes of JESUS for so many who are still unkind,
Itís not my place to tell YOU those who are doing dirty deeds,
For while I lived my sinful ways YOU still smiled down on me.

Never will there be enough pleasing words to say,
For there are still only 24 hours in each and everyday,
Days turn into months and months continue on for years,
Forever growing becomes the sinful world no wonder JESUS had tears!

Lady Di


Luke Easter

Tragedy struck on a Saturday night.
In a city known for love,
Caused by those who obviously,
Have very little of.

Those who placed their greed,
Above all of the rest,
And the privacy that the Lady,
Tried so hard to protect.

Diana fought for her life,
Feeling her work here wasnít done,
Her goodwill tours around the world,
The love she had for her sons.

What about all the charities,
The work she did for the poor,
At only 36 years old,
There had to be so much more.

Sadly it wasnít meant to be,
GOD chose her to move on,
Sheís working closely now,
With Abraham, Martin and John.

Blessed with style, beauty and grace,
Possessing qualities rarely seen,
The people have lost a Princess,
While Heaven has crowned a Queen!

Farewell To A Champion


Luke Easter

Golf is a game of the heart,
With a love thatís meant to last,
This brings to mind Payne Stewart,
A class act for sure has passed.

Flying high in the wild blue yonder,
Above the masses below,
Payne and those who were with him,
Why did they have to go?

He was more than just the clothes,
This loving husband and father of two,
Thatís the number of U.S. Openís won,
Why? What did he do?

A champion of the greens,
A master when buried in the sand,
On his way to the TPC,
The LORD had other plans.

Payne birdies 18 to finish at 60,
The site is so clear in my mind,
But with an 80-foot eagle for the win,
GOD shoots a 59.

Payne extends his hand with a smile,
Congratulating GOD for a record back 9,
All the while thinking to himself,
GOD, Iíll get you next time.

A lifetime of fond memories,
Doing what he loved to do,
In our hearts heíll be here forever,
Even though heís gone at 42.