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Hillery Earl


Joshua, TX, US

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Hillery Earl

I go from bad to worse.
People will regret they hurt me with force.
I change my look, I change style
And it's going to be like that for quite a while!
Don't always expect way too much.
You will get ill after just one touch.

In a way, my light went out.
Not negatively! That's not what it's about!
For me, the change is nothing but fun!
In a different, dark way, I can see the sun!
Surprise! My image is Goth.
Nothing new! Just better than watching a moth.

I cut my hair, I change my make up.
All those old Hillerys are trapped in a cup!
Everyone likes it and so do I.
I love it, don't ask why!
I try blue, I try pink, but they're not for me.
I adore black and always will, can't you see?!