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Victor Dyck


Jamaica Plain, MA, US

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Victor Dyck

the geographyof the soul
imhereina bigcity
andyeti know everybody onevery corner
o geta strange feeling sometimes
iknow these people toowell
its tooo close for comfort sometimes
theres a gigantic flux
like a rubber band in societies imagination
whereby a city becomes asmall town a smll town acity
many people in larger cities wan to bemostly anonymous yet have love
the minds imagination has no borders
yet the city or country town does
strangers look too closefor comfort deep inyour eyes

so you look to the sky for some imaginary city
with space for souls and friends to



Victor Dyck

life inthecity
lifeinthecityisa moving mosaic
weput partsofwhatwelike inoursouls
see like a beautifulgirl or man
city parktree buldings
inour mind bodies andsoul!
like constructing amosaic
partsofreality movebackwaed
some stay the same.
others move forward
our memories or hopes whiledoing work or errands.
travel inwards to daydreams
pleasure fromthe burdenof work.

or other fantasies that enhancewhats around us