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Shaun Franklynn Dy


Cebu City, Republic Of The Philippines, Philippines

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The Rare Chinese Beauty


Shaun Franklynn Dy

I remembered seeing the rare beauty
The image so delicately rare
It was as if divine beauty before me
I could remember the time I saw her
I could not resist her appearance

So pretty her face is to the eyes
Her hair as black as the night
Her skin as fair as the jasmine flower
Her fragrance was so alluring
A properly slim structure for a body

I could not help but go near
To marvel at such a beauty
Her graceful movements were admirable
She moved with so much dignity
She had a fine personality

Such it was rare to find her
I wish I could make her mine
The more I see her the more I stare
The more I stare the more I desire
I wish I could have her myself

The more i see her the more I feel
The feeling of such great beauty
I feel as if I really want her
Such beauty that I could behold
That rare beauty hard to find