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Shaun Franklynn Dy


Cebu City, Republic Of The Philippines, Philippines

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Tortured Beauty


Shaun Franklynn Dy

I could not easily let go
Whenever I imagine her pretty face
Whenever I see her passing by
I wish I could make her mine

Hard to speak about it
But I am just so tormented
Like as if I am hurt by physical fire
As if I am so tortured
Yet with this torment comes delight

But what hath delight in torment
Is not torment a painful ordeal
With such I hath seen such a dilemma
Like this torment compare to wine
Wine which is both pleasure and pain

I could remember a fair young maiden
Who I have met with such great beauty
Her beauty haunteth me like as if
She were an angel or a demon
A seductress perhaps she is or not

This fair young maiden I see so often
A pleasing yet also tormenting sight
Such beauty I see hath haunt me with delight
It has also haunteth me with fear itself
As if she is a spiteful vampire

Her skin was as fair as snow
Her beauty of the oriental seas
Such have I never seen such a girl
Like a rare flower in the orient
Like as if she were beauty's peak

A rare flower of the orient
A beauty of which is so distinct
Like she were blooming in a harsh summer
Or the very harsh cold of winter
Her beauty so pursued, so unique

I would admit that whenever I see her
I see her as a delightful image
Yet in that delight may cometh evil
The evil of her inner self perhaps
Just like a dangerous viper waiting to leap

I admit that somehow I hath seen her
Like a rose, both beauty and the thorns
For the rose hath thorns that prick the skin
The rose an enticing flower to pick yet it hurts
That of her, I believe she blooms with thorns

Maybe the thorns are not enough to describe her
Perhaps she is as deadly as the poison ivy
A seemingly harmless plant due to her pretty face
For one thing I see such a deadly beauty so enticing
Like the beauty of a deadly weapon, ready to kill

I cannot explain this torment of meeting this lady
A beauty of which I cannot explain to myself
Her beauty tortures my very existence
For youth takes a long time to fade away
Perhaps I'd be gone before her beauty fades away