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Shaun Franklynn Dy


Cebu City, Republic Of The Philippines, Philippines

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If Only I Could Love Again


Shaun Franklynn Dy

I feel like the world is falling apart
Ever since I lost my very first love
Probably to the hands of a best friend
Who wanted her as much as I had did
She was the only woman I ever cared about
Only woman I never lusted at ever since
For then that I have always faced this
That for me, I feel I could never love again

I remembered that time she was my best friend
Though powerful she had not bullied anyone
She was one of the best in the class
Not at all shining outside but the inside
Somebody who cared a lot about me then
Who helped me when I was not feeling well
I could not help but feel that same thing
I felt like I was misled by beauty's snare

Remembering that time when my best friend
Claimed that he had won her heart
Caused me to feel crushed and betrayed
My heart was wounded and stabbed many times
M heart felt like it was already downsized
I felt bitter and unforgiving about her
Yearning for her and for her love
I wonder if I am waiting in vain

It was not a pleasant thought to think of
That I seem to meet another woman
Who I had begun to have feelings for
She was not only the best in the outside
She had a moderate attractive appearance
That went along with her funny personality
A good natured person with crazy antics
Who is somewhat having a dull heiress life

However even with a new opportunity open
I feel like I could not love again
Will I ever be able to cherish another
Like the other who came before her
Never hold dear again another woman
Am I cursed never to love again
Forever held to the curse of bitterness
Will I ever be able to love again