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Shaun Franklynn Dy


Cebu City, Republic Of The Philippines, Philippines

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Dearest Valerie


Shaun Franklynn Dy

I could remember that one summer afternoon
When I first saw you in that old office
When I first noticed your gentle smile
Your pleasing personality in place
It was in fact the first time I saw you
That I took notice of you back then
I felt something was very different

I was not sure what I truly felt
When I first saw your modest looks
Your gentle face was of addition
I could not help but express
How I wanted to remember so much
That one special summer afternoon
Meeting you unexpectedly that day

I remembered the number of times
When I noticed you walk
The times you ran for office
That I wanted to support you
Support you more and more
I wonder if I am just restless
Or am I willing to give myself up

I remembered your pleasant personality
Shines far beyond your appearance
Where it is a very big asset
For someone who is a leader like you
Willing to lead and humble in personality
Proud to help other people in their work
Moving forward the supreme student council

I remember the time I gave you a rose
And a cookie along with it another day
It was Valentine's Day 2006 as I remember
It's really not an easy thing to do
For me to give you a rose and a cookie
When I felt so tense after all
I wish I knew what I truly feel