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Shaun Franklynn Dy


Cebu City, Philippines

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The Rose She Really Is


Shaun Franklynn Dy

I always felt like that she was perfect
But alas I was wrong about it
True she was really wonderful
But not without the hurts along the road

I could always picture that the rose
Is such a beautiful flower to admire
Yet despite the beautiful appearance
There are also the thorns on the stem

Roses are beautiful yet not perfect
So is the same as this woman I met
True she was seemingly perfect
But in the reality she admits her thorns

I somewhat admit such bravery
That she would admit of her thorns
Also admire her some more I do
For her carefulness around people

Like love it is a treasure
Some say love it is hopeless
Yet when I saw in the light
In the spring the rose blooms

It is by then when we fear hate
That we are also afraid to love
For these thorns in love are like this
Admitting everything even when it hurts

Just like her that woman who seemed perfect
Has her thorns too aside from her imperfections
Like when she tells me that I am being bad
But being frank and tactful the pain is little

Did I realize that in this relationship
Love is truly a hard thing to keep
As the thorns would also prick me at times
Yet from healing from the pricks I become stronger

This one was truly a lesson of the rose
Me and the woman, we thank God for this lesson
That we were both fearfully and wonderfully made
That He does have a purpose for all things

Sweetly Simple, Sweetly Beautiful


Shaun Franklynn Dy

I remembered the sweet romance
Of which I could not forget
The day I learned to once again
Truly love a person for who she is
For me, it was the very moment
That I finally knew that true beauty meant
It was not really much on the outside
It was more on the inside that mattered
For her that was truly a sweet treasure

Sweetly simple yet very beautiful
Was that girl that I had met
With a cheerful personality
That would lighten up the day
That would shine in the dark
Hers that I remembered so much
Not perfect and not assuming
I had once again learned to love
To truly love a woman for who she is

Sweetly simple as she was
Not so pretty but very beautiful
For another she is but humble
Despite her highest achievement
That she could lead a whole group
Manage all types of problems
Yet admits her own shortcomings
Knowing she is not perfect

Remembering her every now and then
I wish we could speak again
Tell her how I had truly felt
Express even deeper feelings
Show her what real love is
Patient, kind, content, humble
Selfless, understanding, truthful
I wonder if I really do have it
To experience how hard it is to love

I always try to express myself
One way or another that she would know
How much I truly feel for her
If for anything else show to her
Not by words but by actions
That I am really that in love
Thinking that it can one way or another
Be healed if any pain goes by
How I wish I could tell her... I LOVE YOU

Some Simple Girl


Shaun Franklynn Dy

There is really one question
On the area of romance
With some sweet simple girl
Not so pretty but very beautiful

I remembered meeting her one summer
In a warm afternoon that is
I remembered the sight of her
A girl from the far distance

I do not know why what I felt
I somewhat was drawn to her
Wanted to know who she was
I really admired her then

Admiration was without a price
I knew I could not rest
Seeing the sight of her
I really wanted to support her

Support her in all she did
To help the school improve
Eventually congratulated her
On her latest victory

I remembered her quiet nature
Which I am not quiet like her
I never thought that I would
End up trying to get closer

Closer to her more and more
I ended up one Valentine's Day
Giving her a rose and a cookie
More in admiration for her

I wonder if I truly love her
Or is it all but like
For I am somewhat undecided
On the matter of this girl

Again in the same dilemma
Falling in love was it
I wonder if I can be at rest
Or will it never cease