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Suresh Chandra Dwivedi


Allahabad, UP, India

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Hymn to Woman


Suresh Chandra Dwivedi

Lord I am plunged into own unending darkness.
I have sinned against the womanhood of my country.
Like all males I have sinned against them.
I have treated them as cows, buffaloes and pigs.
I have used them as furniture of my house.
I have been uttering non scandal sentences about them.
That you are a woman
That you are a mother
That you are a sister
That you are a beloved
But never an individual
I have deprived them of their individuality.
I learnt wrong lessons from Tulsidas, Shankaracharya
Shakespeare and Maithili Sharan Gupta.
They described them as weaklings and full of frailty.
I turned them in to role -models, like them , like them.
Deprived them of their true person.
I have called them a bewitching woman , a temper.
A liar, a termagant little smiling creatures.
With their shining skin and smelling hooks.
Lord I have never given them their dues.
Now my hear is full of repentance.
Lord will you forgive the males of my generation.
And our fathers and their fathers and their fathers.
Please beat us drums as we have beaten them so far.
Please come at our rescue and save our souls.
O women of our ear unite for your goals.