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Soumak Dutta


Austin, TX, US

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Soumak Dutta

I am an eagle cutting through the air,
The land blurs below me as I look down upon the mountains,
Through the plains I soar, upon the glazing sky,
From the white mountain tops of the Himalayas,
To the rugged boulders of the Rockies,
Down to the length of the Andes,
And up to the harshness of the Alps,
I see the shining beaches of California,
And the forested sands of Japan,
The icy bergs of Antarctica,
To the greenish coast of England.

I am a wolf not bounded by the constraints
Of which traps all, running through
The grassy plains of the East, the wind
Cutting away with its fury, flinging
The bitter sweet silence of darkness,
Into the depths of the Amazon,
The frigid playground of the penguins,
And the carnivorous hunting grounds of the polar bears,
All I have seen through the glistening eyes,
Which are mine.

I am the Phoenix, the legend of Ancient Egypt,
The golden feathers of the sun as it sinks
Below the waves of the distant horizon,
Till the strand of rays shoot majestically
Between the clouds, and my eyes become fire
Which provide life for all those below me,
My reddish black image sets the clouds burning,
As I vanish across the horizon to be there
Yet for another day.