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John Andrew Durler


Middlle Island, NY, US

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John Andrew Durler

I arrive early and sit down in the back of the room.
A heavy woman in a yellow sweater and
a beige stained dress plumps down next to me.
"I had to get out of the house," she says,
My husband and kids were driving me crazy."

She tells me she was here at the fourth step A.A meeting,
and how she related to the speaker who talked about
kicking holes in the kitchen walls, after drinking
a pint of Jack Daniels. How she moved the refrigerator
over it to cover them, how her husband moved it back,
duct taped the holes and tacked a poster of the Grateful Dead
over it. She told him she liked it, three weeks later.

They made up and went to A. A. meetings, bible study meetings
at her church, and at his Jehova Witnesses's until the day
they invited him to speak. He got up and told them
all the bad things she did, and none of the good,
until she had enough and bashed him with her bible,
knocking him unconscious.

They called an ambulance, the police came, and
handcuffed her until they revived him.
He said he wouldn't press charges, because
she owned the house and had no other place to go.

She told the same story ten minutes later,
only it was her and her husband.