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H. C. Dupree


Gainesville, FL, US

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Let The Night Fall


H. C. Dupree

The melancholy sky sat hard on the horizon

Clouds of calamine lotion,

long absorbed into its fabric

Mama stared at it and declared

Looks like an expectin' woman,full of life

Layers of flesh rolled under layers of flesh

Your daddy over there,back bent,hoe straight

Is holdin' everything up!

When he leaves,it all crashes down

Dave! she shrills

Come on in,let the night fall!

He lifts his head into the sky

Growls angrily at it,

and paces his steps toward the house

Mama retreats to the kitchen

while daddy stops to prune the plants

along the fence

Mama pleads in a rehearsed monologue

Dave,let the night fall



H. C. Dupree

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