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Derrick A. Dupre


Brownsville, TX, US

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A Deranged Insight


Derrick A. Dupre

Crafted notions pouring past a pourous pillar of delusion.
Subsequently stacked, stuffed and sealed by
Mighty and ferocious rodents of time.
As a photovoltaic termite locked in a cell,
Striving to succeed in an ant's world.
Entity past entity ending with every foible endeavor after The other.
Gangrene sprouts from the Ganglion of Earth.
The doctor of time, gaping at all in peril.
From a pretty painted black Assylum of Enlightenment.
Such treacherous allegiance,
This disloyal fidelity.
Ah, alas...the generation of joyful carnage has come.
Arrived are the uncanny beings,
Ready to obliterate all riteousness and
Obvious orthodoxy for
An actual utopia.
The furrow is fertile,
And planted are the seeds of time.
Watch the child grow.

To the terse truth left in a
Tedious world:
Such propitious souls,
I envy thee.