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Nichole Dunlap


Bryan, OH, US

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Nichole Dunlap

As I lie here waiting, waiting for the time to
come. I think of my life to a sum. What will happen? What will come?

Will I love another?
The perfect guy for me will be my love.
He is the perfect picture for me.
He will be as trustworthy as a dove.
The dove we know is peaceful and ever so
perfect to see.
Will this be the guy for me?
Will I live to see him?

As I lie here longer, I still ponder, waiting for
the time to come. I think of the memories that I had, my family, my life,my friends. What will happen? What will come?

What good memories flash like lighting in my
All I can think of is my mommy and dad.
How they loved me. How they helped me walk
the long road to God and through life.
My best time. What they did for me. What
they did for me.

I still lie here. I fell dizzy waiting for the time
to come. I can hardly think now, the pain is hard and bigger than just an
aching thumb. What will happen? What will come?

Will I live or die, will I Lord?
What have I done? What have I done?
I am scared Lord, help me help me.
What happened? Why am I soaked in blood?
No. There is too much, I am surrounded in it.
I am scared Lord, I am scared.

I lay here now unmoving. I feel abandoned
waiting for the time to come. The pain is unbearable now. What willhappen? What will come?

Oh the pain, I hear a moan,
then I realized it was me.
What was causing to pain?
I forgot for one second about the pain
and called for my mommy and dad.
My chest, it hurts to yell, I actually
didnít yell I wasnít heard. I called it again.
Ouch. I canít call again but I know I heard my
voice. I try to look around and I see no one in
sight except for my crashed car and squealing
marks.No this canít be happening, could it be a
hit and run, hit and run? No. no. no! I look a
little farther, I see wheels, not my wheels
another carís wheels, in the ditch. No no no.

I lay here still, but saying a prayer asking,
asking, What will happen? What will come?

Lord, if it is too much to ask,
spare this person in the toppled car.
Help them, help them. Let them make
it through this. I didnít see them, was
it my fault? It happened so fast,
I donít know. Donít blame them.
Blame me. Iím the one to blame.
Spare them and if you have time
spare me too. I ask you Lord, I ask you.

I lay here tired and out of breath. I think and
pray waiting for the time to come. Oh blessed the Lord is that what I see. What will happen? What will come?

I see a bright light. Now two. Oh a car.
help help help. I canít yell,
I donít have enough energy.
They slow down. They pull over.
They run to me. I manage a few words
"Help people over there."
He covers me with a blanket. How warm it feels.
How if fells good to feel the heat of the blanket.

I am still here, lifeless. I still pray waiting for
the time to come. I ask my Lord, what will happen? what will come?

I ask the gentleman, "Are they okay?" No the
man sadly mutters. Now I was ever so scared.
Lord please no, please take me not them I bag
you Lord please. My breath I feel tighten.
"Please say good bye to my mommy and dad.
Tell them I love them." That is all I managed to
say. The man started crying. "I will."
"thank you." I said but I donít know if he heard
me. It was hard to breath and it was getting
dark. I am scared. All I could think of was the
saying, "Lord remember me when you go into
your kingdom. Then the Lord replied, ĎThis is
the day you will be in heaven with My Father."

I ran out of breath laying there and I saw a
bright light. I was walking through it. This is the day I met Jesus. This is
what was happening and this is what has come. I know now, I know.