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Joshua Dunkeson


Texarkana, AR, US

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Joshua Dunkeson

Life is a journey,
I heard an old man say,
While I read a book on a cold winter's day.
The light shown through the elm's dead branches,
We saw the divine,
Unlimited chances.
All Death to Life
And all Life to Death;
It might go away,
So hold your breath.

Choose to exist but want to die
Behold all life and wish to fry
This you hold in all respect
You again want to defect.

Wait before you slice your wrist
Grit your teeth and make a fist
Remember Life, it isn't dead
It comes again in scarlet red



Joshua Dunkeson

Do you remember the ways of our youth
The foolishness we mistook for truth
When all we thought what we could do
Was move our bodies though the view
Of what they said was right and wrong
And so did judge as we moved along
Did ever a thought cross the mind
That like our parents we are blind?