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Norma Jean Duncan


Princeton, WV, US

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Liberty Bell


Norma Jean Duncan

Liberty bell, oh, liberty bell
Exciting stories, you could tell
You could tell us about the past
How liberty continues to last

From 1776 until today
We hear you say
"I proclaim liberty throughout the land"
I sybolize America - she's grand

Oh liberty bell
Tho cracked and old, you're swell
You help us not forget
The liberty, we enjoy still yet

You proclaim to the world
As our flag is unfurled
There is justice for all
Our liberty now to recall

Liberty bell, we're glad you're there
For America - our prayer
Is for God's blessings to be
Always present for you and me.

Memories of a Childhood Sweetheart


Norma Jean Duncan

Memories of a childhood sweetheart, inbedded deep
Memories I know, I will always keep
In waking hours, and when I sleep
Memories of him always manages to creep.

Many the years that so quickly past
Still childhood memories continue to last
All those good old days, life was a blast
But time slips by much too fast.

Many times in my dream I can see
Standing there smiling sweetly at me
The childhood sweetheart I thought would be
My lover for life, my one and only.

A childhood sweetheart who can no longer share
A part of my life, yet I wonder does he still care
Today I'll say a very special prayer
For my childhood sweetheart somewhere out there.

We're wed to others now, and have children too
Also spreading middles, grey hair peeping through
Memories of a childhood sweetheart is making me blue
I wish I could live it again, how about you?

He Was Gone


Norma Jean Duncan

On that day, that lovely day
The angels rolled the stone away
He was not there, they could see
He was gone, where could He be?

The women who had loved Him so
To the tomb that day did go
They had no doubt in their mind
That Jesus there, they would find.

But when they came closer to see
He was gone, where could He be
The stone had been rolled away
On that lovely lovely day.

They begin to be filled with fear
The angels said, He is not here
He has risen! See the place where He lay
He has risen on this lovely day.

Then He appeared to Mary Magdolene
She then went and told what she had seen
The Jesus appeared to eleven men
And they all believe it then.

He was taken up before their eyes
To be with his Father in the skies
And lo, He is with us, until the end
That's the GOOD NEWS for us my friend.



Norma Jean Duncan

It's true God made Adam befor Eve
But his life was incomplete
Not until he was given a woman
Could God's will they achieve

Then the serpent begain to deceive
Eve first ate the forbidden fruit
But Adam quickly followed suit
Just shows the leader was Eve

Often in the Bible it does say
A woman changed fate in some way
She can influnce for evil or good
So beware of your womanhood

When God gave His begotton son
Mary was the chosen one
Our Heavenly Father saw fit
To involve a woman in it

Jesus calls the elect his bride
And we all will be by His side
So don't believe we're held down
Women too can wear a crown

With God we're all the same
And our rights we can claim
Altho Eve lost the paradise
We're free - Christ was our sacrifice

Inflation Blues


Norma Jean Duncan

Inflation will surely be the ruin of me yet,
I'd rather go without, than go in debt.
Still I'd rather go in debt, than go without,
What a mixed up business, inflation is all about.

I'm behind in the rent, the cupboard is bare,
The electric is due, I have nothing to wear.
School is starting soon, necessities to buy,
Things get worse, oh! how hard we do try.

Little Billy's teeth need braces right now,
We need to get Sally's tonsils out some how.
We canceled the magazines and papers to read,
I guess the TV is all we really need.

We've patched the patches, and let out the seams,
We've put more water in the potatoes and beans.
Everything is wearing out, before the payments are,
Soon we'll be needing a another used car.

Oh! Lord, just what are we going to do,
I guess we will have to leave it all to you.
Oh! how long can these inflation blues last,
Please take them away, put them in the past.

Norma J. Duncan

Reelin In The Summer


Norma Jean Duncan

From a little wooden bridge, she dangles her feet,
She smiles and waves to the people in the street.
During summer vacation, she spends her time,
Trying to catch a big fish on the line.

With the freedom, only a child might enjoy,
She relaxes with a reel instead of a toy.
She cast it out and pulls it back in,
Is she has caught one, her face wears a grin.

For passers by who will take the time to look,
She'll tell a few yarns right there on the spot.
She said that I should have seen today,
The great big fish that got away.

She would have caught it, she had a hunch,
Except a bigger fish ate it for lunch.
If you pass byher, please be sure to look,
She might just catch something on that hook.

Norma J. Duncan

Twenty Year Search


Norma Jean Duncan

She searched for her daughter for twenty long years
She searched and prayed, with eyes filled with tears.
She placed her for adoption when four days old,
You can't keep her, by her family she was told.

At fifteen what she did was best for all concerned.
But for twenty years she has grieved and yearned.
She had to finished school, and had no man for her dad.
When she graduated from college, her heart was sad.

Twenty years passed, and today she can see her face.
Her daughter was searching too, looking every place.
Fate has worked a miracle, hard to believe,
They are together at last, this time she won't leave.

Their hearts are bound together with love united,
Boy! they are all happy and very excited,
Now she has two parents, more family than she had,
You see, her mother's husband is also her real dad.

The Simple Things


Norma Jean Duncan

I enjoy looking at a rainbow or sunset, the ways of society hasn't changed me yet.
I like to see rain drops falling in a stream, I like looking at clouds, as I day dream.
People and dogs are my specialty, they provide fun for me.
When I take a child upon my knee, I'm happy as I can be.
You can have your fancy bars, yachts and big cars,
I'll take the simple things, no furs or diamond rings.

The simple things, the simple things, is the happiness, that life brings.
The simple things, are life's true way, the way to live every day.
I like the feel of a nice cool breeze, as I go hiking through mountains and trees.
I like fishing in a stream, trying to catch a trout, that's what life is all about.
Packing a lunch and going to the park, looking at the moon when it is dark.
Showing love for the older folks, singing songs, and telling clean jokes.

Listening to birds sing, children play, see flowers blooming, smell fresh mowed hay.
These are the simple things that I love, and give thanks to the creator above.
These are things to us He gave, and these are things I crave.
I may see life from a different view, than some other people do,
But I thing you might find, it will relax your heart, and mind,
If you enjoy the simple things on this great Earth and appreciate it's worth.

My County


Norma Jean Duncan

My country, my country, the US of A
My country, my country, I praise her every day.
She gives me freedom, I enjoy ore and ore,
She provides my safety, I need more and more.

My country, my country, the best in the land
My country, my country, I think she's really grand.
Her mountains and plains, rivers and streams,
Her far streched woodland and mineral seams.

All for me God gave, this wonderful dream,
My country, country, she and I are a team.
The majesty of her riches, she so laviously gives,
On and on for me, America the beautiful lives.

Each Day Is A New Day


Norma Jean Duncan

Each day is a new day
One in which to start anew
We can't change yesterday
Here's another chance for you

Things that went bad yesterday
Don't carry over now
Just forgive and forget it
It wasn't important any how

Each day is a new day
We are givin a fresh start
Do better with this one
Let kindness fill your heart
If we worry about tomorrow
We'll fail to do our best today
If we grieve about the past
We keep fresh all its sorrow

Do good for each friend
And also your foes
Say loving words
And forget all your woes.

Don't look back with regret
To your past mistakes
Keep pressing forward
To the NEW day God makes

Tomorrow Is Another Day


Norma Jean Duncan

Have you had a disappointment,that left you sad and blue
And made you cry and toss and turn, the whole night through?
You feel your heart is breaking, as you slowly die inside
And you long to lose forever the feelings you can't hide.

Your faith is almost gone, and hope seems all in vain
But deep inside your heart, a spark burns just the same.
There seems to be a feeling of confort somewhere near
Then you begin to wonder why you have this doubt and fear.

Of course something happened different from the way it should
It just didn't happen, the way you thought it would.
You have forgotten to remember, tomorrow is another day
And each day brings new fortune to those not gone astray.

You've a lot to be grateful for, much more than you know
To think just one sorrow, can make you feel so low.
When you've had blessings, love and luck have come your way
How can you destroy it all in one single day.

So when you get upset, and life seems just a trial
Please try to remember, the things that are worthwhile.
You'll find your sorrows fading, and joys come seeping
You will close your eyes and find yourself sleeping.

When the morning comes, and the sun with its light
It all will be forgotten deep into the night.
Then you will find happiness once more
Life will have meaning, just as it did before.

You Can See


Norma Jean Duncan

Altho if with your eyes, you can not see
You can see with your heart and mind.
Altho your eyes may not picture the beauty
You can still enjoy all the beauty you find.

Sometimes we who have eyes to see
Miss some of the beauty every day.
We look past so many lovely things
We're looking some other way.

Our eyes may be lowered to the ground
When a beautiful rainbow is overhead.
We may be looking upward to the sky
When the roses are blooming a pretty red.

If you can not see the beauty with your eyes
Listen with your ears, hear the children at happy play.
Or the sound of the chirping of the birds
You can hear beauty every minute of the day.

If with your ears you can not hear
You can feel it with your touch.
Feel the softness of an animal or a child
It's Gods world and its beauty is much.

If we can see, hear, or feel the beauty
There is plenty for us to find and enjoy.
In our heart and mind is where we really see
There is great beauty that we can employ.



Norma Jean Duncan

Fresh fallen leaves in a forest in the fall
Snow in the valley and on mountain tops so tall.
Flowers in the spring, summer breezes on our face
Day dreaming in our mind, of some lovely place.

All these things, are most refreshing and so nice
Like eating cold watermelon that's cooling on ice.
Or lovely fireworks on the 4th of July
Receiving a friend's letter with a sweet reply.

Playing with some children who's obedient and fun
Relaxing and enjoying the nice warm sun.
Keeping secret a memory of a love that was lost
Buying something you wanted, no matter the cost.

All the lovely things, that our hearts can dream
Feeling so proud we think we'll burst at the seam.
Nothing is compared to the happy way we feel
When we discover a new friendship that is real.

If we have so many friends, more than we can count
There's room for one more, as rain drops in a rain spoout.
True friends are really a treasure rare
Happiness is having - someone with whom to share.

LOVE For the Young (young at heart)


Norma Jean Duncan

LOVE is a little four letter word
that packs more power than any you've heard.
LOVE can turn a frown into a smile
and make our day more worthwhile.

LOVE never fails, love never tires
and makes more heat than many fires.
LOVE makes us tingle and walk on air
and helps us do things we wouldn't dare.

LOVE is a dream and a sweet fantasy
but it is also life and reality.
LOVE can put up so high
and drop us low when it says goodby.

LOVE is a strange mysterious force
but one we want to keep of course.
LOVE we don't want to live without
and when it's absent we will pout.

LOVE can go and new love return
better than before you will learn.
LOVE that is perfect and is right
may come along any day or night.

Our Grandsons


Norma Jean Duncan

Love swells up in our hearts really deep
Each time we think of them or speak.
They are cute, and so very sweet
They thrill and make our life complete.

Each day that passes is a good one
When we can see our grandsons.
One is named Chris, one Josh
They're our pride and joy by gosh.

They come to our house and feel at home
Upstairs, downstairs, they like to roam.
They laugh, they cry, sometimes complain
Life without them would not be the same.

We thank God and give Him praise
And ask His help as we try to help raise.
These two boys to be full grown
When they are out on their own.

We want them to know that God cares
He loves, forgives, and hears their prayers.
He wants them to worship and follow Him
As He looks over and protects them.

To Josh and Chris Duncan in Conway SC

West Virginia


Norma Jean Duncan

None can ever be as great as you
Wild Wonderful West Virginia
With your rolling hills, mountains tall
And country roads.

Country roads takes us home
In our native state.
It's the state that we love
It is the best.

For miles we look at
the mountains peaks
Which looks blue to our eyes
They are so far.

The friendly people in our state
Gladen your heart
And welcome tourist all the while
Like they are family.

The air is refreshing
Pollution less than most.
Yes, you're great West Virginia
You are our own.

How Could Anyone Doubt


Norma Jean Duncan

I look at the moon reflected at me
I see the stars shining in space
A cool breeze blows across my face
I know they follow God's decree.

At night I sleep to give my body rest
I know God watches over me
Then in the morning light I see
The world so bright, I feel blest.

Where Is Peace


Norma Jean Duncan

Peace, peace, where is peace
The world is crying for peace
The leaders are trying
To find a way to have peace on earth.

We don't want to argue and fight
But seems it's the only way
We forget there is a Prince of Peace
Who is Jesus Christ the Lord

So many want things to go their own way
And many don't care for their fellowman
Too many are living in hate and greed
Not many are giving their love

Why can't this world see it's wrong
Why can't they trust the living God
Why do they constantly go astray
Why do problems rise we can't face

The Prince of Peace is coming soon
He alone can straighten out this mess
Someday soon we will surely know
Where peace is - until then we wait.

Gossip, Gossip, Gossip


Norma Jean Duncan

Mary is in love with George, but he doesn't notice her
She put on a mini skirt, hopeing something would occur
All he did was turn up his nose and walk past
I believe he thinks she is much to fast.

Gossip, gossip, gossip you hear at the hairdressers shop
Women are talking like they will never stop
They're criticizing the famous folks, also their friends
While they're getting their hair washed, and some curly ends

If you could listen all day without end
All the things you hear would make your head spin
Some come in looking kinda like a witch
And go out looking beautiful oh! what a switch

I think the president is a very find man
I believe he is doing the best that he can
But some of the ideas I've heard him express
Sure sounds amateurist I must confess

Did you hear about my friend Lulu and what she did
Whe she saw the bill collectors she hid
She said their financial situation is in terrible shape
She said she doubted if from bankruptcy they could escape

Did you see the new car Carol bought
She drives too fast, someday she'll get caught
She thinks she's hot stuff since getting the new job
I believe she's dating other men, cheating on Bob

Cindy has a new baby, she named it Sue
When it was born, it's face turned blue
After staying in the hospital over three weeks
She has gained weight and has rosy cheeks

Wonder how many husbands Elizabeth will get
Lots more before she's old and grey I bet
Wonder if she kept all her city charm
Now that she's a country girl down on the farm

(All names and gossip are pure fiction)

Just a House Wife


Norma Jean Duncan

I'm Just a housewife, doing the laundry, cooking the food, picking up toys, cleaning the floors. Just a house wife, doing my thing, washing dishes, making beds, having wishes I was some place else instead.

Balancing the budget, shopping too, nurse to the kids, paying the bills. Just a house wife, does no one care how she feels?

No one noticed my new hair do, does any one know a human is inside? Just a house wife who loves her family, but sometimes wants to run and hide.

The day has past, where did it go? Supper is ready, I sit and listen to how good or bad went his day, but if I start to say a word, he quickly turns away.

After all who wants to hear, why I burned the roast? He just wants to know, I still think he's the most. Who wants to know my head achs, I want to die? I hear him say, "give me another pice of pie."

The children are fighting, now what about? I'll keep calm, no need to shout. There goes the phone, gotta put out the cat, hang up the coats, look for the hat.

Time now for homework, then the bath and sleep. I feel like a jerk as I repeat, "say your prayers, and count sheep."

I kiss each one, turn out the light, I'm pooped, I frown as I sit down. But I hear, "come here honey, I need you tonight."

I take a shower, put on my best gown, comb my hair, let it hang down. Now I'm his mistress, the joy of his life. Come to think of it, I am more than just a housewife. I'm the reason they sing, because I am their EVERYTHING.

That's How Long I Will Love You


Norma Jean Duncan

Forever and a day is how long I will love you
Until the sky turns green and the moon can't be seen.
Until the ocean is dry and babies forget to cry
That's how long I will love you.

No matter what you ever say or do
I'll be by your side and with you abide.
Until horses have two legs and cows lay eggs.
Until 5001, the some, I will love.

Until up is down, and hot is cold
Until cowards turn brave and bold.
Until the day is dark, and night is light
And until dogs don't ever bite.

That's how long my love will remain true
Well, anyway I will love you
Just as long as you love me
So let's just let matters be.

God's Risen Son


Norma Jean Duncan

IN the midst of our lowest despair
We should cast our eyes
Upon the sunflower
It reaches its head to the sun
It knows from where
It gets its strength.

Our drooping spirit can also fine
The strength it needs most
In God's own risen son
If we too will reach up our head
Toward the one
Who gives us strength.

As the sunflower knows to look up
You too can find strength
It's waiting there for you
Lift your head and you'll find your need
In God's risen son.

No Dumpting (of God's creatures)


Norma Jean Duncan

Please don't throw a puppy away
As you would some molded hay
He's not a broken or unwanted toy
He should be loved by a girl or boy.

Please don't leave a poor little cat
Forsaken out there like that
She's not like the squirrels
She needs affection from boys and girls.

All tame animals need a home
They shouldn't be left alone
They need continued love and care
They aren't like a lion or bear.

I you have a pet you don't want
Let it starve to death? Please don't
Find someone to be its friend
Or put it to sleep, let its misery end.

Goes Too Fast


Norma Jean Duncan

It's morning, the day is young
There are songs to be sung
There is work to be done
Peeping thru is the sun.

The day's half gone, where did it go
The work isn't finished, oh no
It will be evening soon
Peeping thru will be the moon.

It's time now to go to bed
It's time for prayers to be said
The day has come to a close
It's time again to dose.

With Love Sweat And Tears


Norma Jean Duncan

With love, sweat, and tears
Our forefathers fought
To keep freedom we've enjoyed
For these many years
Freedom of speech and press
Our right to worship God
These worthwhile goals
Or country fought to reach.

Many miles, before us traveled
Sorrows they encountered
We've come thus far with pride
Let good not be unraveled
With love, sweat, and tears
Our flag ploudly waves
Assuring us our freedom
Voicing out our cheers.

With love, sweat, and tears
America lives on
Proudly we stand, free and strong
Conquering our fears
Loyalty now a must
Our forefathers footsteps follow
Divided we fall, together we stand
In God we trust.

World peace for all
Now be our prayer
Lord, please don't let
Our nation fall
Yes, we're proud as we
Continue for many years
With love, sweat and tears
Together we shall be.

My Retirement 2003


Norma Jean Duncan

It's 8:a.m. I am awake
It's time to rise and shine
I cook breakfas for the man of the house
Then eat, dress and do my thing.

I wash the dishes and make the beds
I dust and clean what needs to be
Then the rest od the day is mine
To do what ever I choose.

Somewhere in between I cook a meal
Or warm up something quick
Then back to the computer
In my room you can find me.

I check the e-mail to see
If I have heard from a friend
I organize the writings that
I did many years ago

It's fun, it's great, I don't have to go out
If I don't want to go out
So I just let my mind
Go into high gear and enjoy the day.

My name is Norma Jean
I may be the whackest
You have ever seen
Sometimes I don't know
If I am up or down
My feet don't touch the ground
My head's in a cloud
My body follows suit
My mind don't compute
I'm retirement age
And living in ease
Doing what I please
Don't have to go out
In snow or rain
Inside is where I remain
I bring plenty of food
And enough to drink
Something for my every mood
I watch TV, write or read
Use my computer skills
It's everything I need
I think of things
That might have been
I sit and I day dream
No clock tell me when
To get up or go to bed
When to eat or put down this pen
So if you envey me now
One day you can retire
And relax like me by the fire.

Jesus Will Reign


Norma Jean Duncan

When I am down and out
and find it hard to look up
My savior calms my doubt
and refills my cup.

Then I can laugh again
and show love for my friends
I can believe and follow His plan
and know His grace never ends.

These times are filled with fears
discontent and apprehension
He stands by me, dries my tears
and to Him draws my attention.

The most important thing
is for us to have faith now
Jesus will the reigning King
and deliver us some how.

In Time Of War


Norma Jean Duncan

Father, please release from me
the fears I am feeling now.
Lead me gently knowing you
will get us through this some how.

Our country is on the brink
of attacking Iraq they say.
Does there have to be war
is there no other way?

We were taught to love our enemies
and treat them as a neighbor.
Do we really have to fight
and go through this labor?

We know some day Jesus will return
as He told us He would.
To set up His Kingdom
of peace, love and good.

No evil can enter there
to distrub the peace.
We will live forever
all wars and hate will cease.

Until then we remain
in this state of suspense.
We're asking for forgivness
and help while we are so tense.

This War in Iraq


Norma Jean Duncan

It's like watching a horror movie
seeing those missiles and bombs explode
it's hard to believe it is real
and realize it is our USA mode.

Our young men and women left home
to fight in a foreign land
if it's right or if it's wrong
they must follow the command.

Is this a necessary war
the United Nations don't agree
but our president says we must
fight to win our security.

The world is so divided now
in a state of total confusion
not knowing or understanding
the reason for our intrusion.

We just have to wait and hope
that it all turns out for the best
and pray everyone involved
will somehow be blest.

I Yearn For a Man Who Will Never Return


Norma Jean Duncan

Inside these walls, I set and yearn
For a man I know will never return
He left ten years ago today
He took up with a blond and went away.

My life is empty as I face the days alone
I dream of having someone to call my own
I try to be brave and show the world
That I am a very liberated girl.

I lay awake sometimes at night and think
It's enough to drive a person to drink
I'll never let my friends know I set and yearn
For a man I know will never return.

I don't know why he didn't love me
I tried to be all a woman should be
I washed and ironed and cooked his food
I often slept in the nude.

I cleaned his house and mowed the yard
I let him make love to me, even when I was tired
I know I'm not slim, and nicely stacked
I look like I've been mashed together and packed.

I balanced the budget, mended his clothes
Went to all the places that he chose
Now I work as a nurse, make my own way
I buy myself something nice with my pay.

Yet, inside these walls, I set and yearn
For a man I know will never return
He left ten years ago today
He took up with a blond and went far away.

The Only Thing Turned On The Is The TV


Norma Jean Duncan

The only thing turned on is the TV
we live in a house of misery
We go our separate ways,
I miss the days
when the one turned on was me.
I wish we could go back
and start over once more
and things could be as before.

There was a time when the excitment
of our love brought happiness.
I wonder how we could let ourselves
get into such a mess.
You no longer care what I do
or how I feel.
The world we live in is so dull
it doesn't seem real.

We don't like the way it is
so what do we do?
Do we go on and die inside
or do we try someone new?
Just what is the answer
what should be done
When you turn on the TV
I really wish it was me.

We set in separate chairs,
not a word said
inside we feel about half dead
The terrible silence can be felt for a mile
seldom do our faces wear a smile.
There is nothing but emptiness
so I'll just sit and dream
while you turn on the TV I guess.

When you notice the only thing
turned on is the TV
Take action, don't delay.
There often comes a danger point
to married folks today
the pardner you once loved
no longer seems exciting and new
and the only thing turned on is the TV
when it should be you.

My Destiny 1954


Norma Jean Duncan

Oh! what will be my destiny, my destiny, my destiny
What will be my destiny, I wish I knew
I wish I knew what the future will be
For then I'd know my destiny, my destiny

Will it be just loving you, loving you, loving you
Will it be just loving you, dear my whole life thru
Will you find somebody new, someone new, someone new
Will you find somebody new, leaving me so blue

Will the years bring happiness,happiness, happiness
Will the years bring happiness, or tears and lonliness
Will you be by own true love, own true love, one true love
Will you be my one true love, sent from God above

Oh! what will be my destiny, my destiny, my destiny
What will be my destiny, I wish I knew
I wish I knew what the future will be
For then I'd know my destiny, my destiny

It Sure is Lonesome Tonight Upon This Hill


Norma Jean Duncan

When she was growing up she had most everything
But I couldn't even buy her a wedding ring
She said we'd live on love, it didn't matter
If we were poor.
ButI guess we don't even have that any more.

Oh! it sure is lonesome tonight upon this hill
As I look at the moon and listen to a whippoorwill
She left me today, just walked out the door
She said she wouldn't be back any more.

I don't blaime her for wanting to go but gee
She's not alone like me, she has family
I'm going to miss seeing my baby grow
Oh! it sure is lonesomeI want you to know

I know life with me is not exciting
There's not much about me inviting
But she took me for better or worse
I's true, poverty has been our curse

I tried so hard to be a success
It seems we just have less and less
I can't seem to pay all the bills
They turned off the heat, I'm taking chills

They say I'm a failure, I'm no good
I really really would do better if I could
I'm asking for a miracle, only God can give
I'm afraid I'll end it all, I don't want to live.

My Surprise 1972


Norma Jean Duncan

When first I saw you that day
Our eyes met, a smile crossed your face
I returned the smile, prehaps revealing
The warmness I found in this place.

The next time we met, we began to talk
Each word carried with it a carress
I couldn't understand why this was different
Unless some how I felt your lonliness.

When you told me about your dead wife
Your sadness and lose I sharply felt
I wished I could give you my love
I whispered a prayer for you, when I knelt.

At my home your face flashed before me
On the day you left the place we had met
I knew this was the last time I would see you
And I knew we both would soon forget.



Norma Jean Duncan

Have you ever really considered
How rare and important YOU are
Have you ever really thought
How one change of events could
Have changed the very fact
Of whether or not there was a YOU.

What if on the night you were concieved
Your parents had quarreled
Instead of making love and YOU
What if they had been too tired
Or she would have said no
Then there would have been NO YOU.

Just suppose your mom and dad
Had married another partner
Would there have been a YOU
Just suppose they were divorced
Or decided upon an abortion
Where then would YOU be?

Does this help YOU understand
How rare and important YOU are
Does this help YOU to be thankful
To the God who let it be
Does this help YOU give thanks
For the life which is YOU

Save Me Oh My God


Norma Jean Duncan

Save me oh, my God
The floods are rising
Deeper and deeper I sink
The waters rise all around me
And I know not what to do
So I'm calling out to you.

Lord, you know so well
How stupid I really am
You know all my sins
Rescue me from these waters
Don't let the flood overwhelm me
Oh, Lord show me your mercy.

Lord rescue me please
From this pain and poverty
Hurry to my aid
For I am in deep trouble
And I know that it is true
Deliverance depends on you.

God alone is my hope
You alone can lift me up
You can fill my cup
Look down on me with love
Give me peace, I know you can
I feel like a drowning man.



Norma Jean Duncan

Divorce is not just a word
It is broken dreams
It's heart break when
A couple pulls apart
It all comes loose in the seams
Divorce is a night without end
When there's only
A pillow for a friend
It's a future of darkness
A past of regret
The present you're not
Ready for yet
It's hard to believe
It's happened to you
There's no turning back
Your've got to see it through
Before this "DIVORCE"
Was just another word
Something for others
But for you never occurred
It's hard to believe
A marriage once so firm
Can tumble and fall
It doesn't seem real
No not at all.

I Need to Hold You Tight Tonight


Norma Jean Duncan

I miss you tonight, as I listen to a country song
I need to hold you tight, tho I guess it is wrong.
You can't by my own and share my life
I can't marry you, I have a sick wife.

I can't leave her and not come back
It would kill her to see me pack.
I'll be with you every minute I can spare
And dream of you when I'm not there.

You're all that's worth living for
You know I don't love her any more.
Darling please trust me now,
We will work this out somehow.

I need to hold you tight
I'm lonely here at home tonight
I'm with my wife, but feel alone
I'm thinking of you, wondering where you've gone

I can't leave her alone here to think
About the car accident when I had to much to drink
It made her become a cripple the rest of her life
So for the rest of my life she is my wife.

I have to stay here, darling please understand
If I left I wouldn't be much of a man
I hate to stay here and I can't stay away
I think of you both night and day.

Divorce is not Just a Word


Norma Jean Duncan

Divorce is not just a word
It is broken dreams
It is heart break when
A couple pulls apart
It all comes loose at the seams

Divorce is a night with out end
When there is only
A pillow for a friend
It is a future of darkness
A past of regret
The present you're not
Ready for yet

It is hard to believe
It has happened to you
There's no turning back
You've got to see it thu

Before this "divorce"
Was just a word
Something for others
But for you never occurred

It doesn't seem possible
A marriage once so fine
Can tumble and fall
It doesn't seem real
That you're no longer mine.

Another Birthday


Norma Jean Duncan

Your're a year older, so what
You're not ancient, you're not
Another year of experience to add
You're another year wiser, aren't you glad

Those candles on your cake are many
A lot better than not any
The grey in your hair can be a blessing
Or hide it and keep them guessing

Be proud of the years of your life
You have learned from troubles and strife
You could teach others a thing or two
That is if they would listen to you.

Rare Chance


Norma Jean Duncan

It's rare that we chance
to meet
someone who seems
to complete
our entire being and make
it whole

I have experienced this
of late
and it's become my
destinate fate
it's not in my range
of control

It hovers over me
like a cloud
when I'm alone
or in a crowd
it inspires me
to keep going

It lifts my spirit
builds me up
feels my empty
empty cup
keeps it full
and overflowing

He Stirred Up the Waters For Me


Norma Jean Duncan

I didn't know there was so much love
Left in this old crazy world
How little did I know
Until He stirred up the waters for me.

He stirred up the waters for me--for me
He stirred up the waters for me
Everything is different
I am a very happy girl

Sad times, bad times was all
I had ever known
Or could forsee
Until He stirred up the waters for me.

Not Another Like You


Norma Jean Duncan

No words can describe
the way I care for you
no oceans as deep
as my love so true.

There's not as many stars
in the heavens above
as there are ways
I thrill to your love.

There's not enough flowers
to place by your side
I couldn't match your charm
no matter how hard I tried.

God did his very best
when He created you
He threw away the mold
when He was through.

Now One


Norma Jean Duncan

When I am UP
Your love put me there
When I am down
It's because you don't care
Any mood I'm in
Somehow relates to you
No longer are we TWO

Time Will Tell


Norma Jean Duncan

Time will tell if what we feel
Is true love or infatuation
Time will tell if what we feel is real
Time will tell if you love me enough
Time will tell if I can keep you satisfied

I've never felt this way before
You are my every dream come true
You are in my every thought and plan
I want to give you all the love I can

When you're near to me I am thrilled
You share all the things I love to do
I'll be so happy if you feel the same way too
Together we can have a happy life

Anywhere you are I want to be there too
Any place you live, I'll live with you
Anything you do, I will do also
Because darling you're my everything

Let's give what we have found a chance
A change to grow into something grand
And if we find that it is right
We'll go through life hand in hand

My Far Out Thoughts


Norma Jean Duncan

I may be getting older
and I may be retired
but I am feeling bolder
and I am not too tired

This cooking and cleaning
may be okay for now
but my heart is dreaming
of a big pow wow

I feel the urge to roam
and do exciting things
get from away from home
to see what life brings

Should I go, or should I stay
is it too late to start anew
these are my thoughts today
I am asking you

Can't give up because of age
or give in to lonliness
must keep going through the maze
find relief for this distress

Still young in my mind
and still feel the need
to go out and try to find
a way to be freed

Guess I will stay
and my blessings count
these thoughts will go away
I have no doubt

Family Search


Norma Jean Duncan

Knowledge of our ancestry
is good for our well being
it helps us understand
where we are on the family tree

Back as far as we can go
to ggg grandfathers and others
where did they live, what did they do
how many more can we know

It is a fun exciting task
to keep searching and looking
hoping to find a new clue
or someone else to ask

A piece of the puzzle we find
then other pieces follow
later it is all completed
and the family line combined

We honor and respect those
who have gone on before
we want to remember them
and this way we have chose

Love for Everyone


Norma Jean Duncan

Love is a sweet sounding word often used
but sometimes taken for granit and abused.

Love can light the way when it is dark
and warm and thrill the coldest heart.

Love gives life a much brighter glow
and helps cheer folks that we know.

Love is free and we can give away
and still have plenty for another day.

Love is merciful, faithful and kind
and a treasure sometimes hard to find.

Love when sincere can forever indure
and remain in a heart that is pure.

Love that is right can make us soar
into heights we've never known before.

Love is something for which we yearn
and with compassion make us burn.

Love gone wrong can make us grieve
and loose faith in what we believe.

Love needs forgiveness to make it survive
and self sacrifice to keep it alive.

Love protects, trusts, hopes, and wins
and love is what forgives our sins.

Love is patient, kind, and never rude
and not for a once in awhile mood.

Love is the reason God gave His son
and offers life eternal to everyone.

Love no greater than this can be found
and together in love we all are bound.

Love for each othe and love for God
is never outdated, it is forever mod.

Love unites and binds us tonight
and prepares us for our future flight.

Love will surround us on every side
when Christ returns for His waiting bride.

God's Love Revealed


Norma Jean Duncan

There's two ducks in our neighborhood
belonging to a boy up the street
They are so cute with white feathers
and those web feet

Eggs the ducks lay
God wants us to be fed
He cares so much for us
He shows it in this way

They help us know God is loving
to make creatures such as these
Just look all around us
He made grass, flowers, animals and trees

You can see how much He loves us
many things, He made for us to enjoy
His loving arms tenderly incircle
each man, woman, girl and boy

Do we thank Him ore and ore
for caring for His own
He'll never forsake us
His love He has always shown



Norma Jean Duncan

There is always a praise
to give
Always give thanks
we live
There is always a light
to shine
Always to brighten your heart
and mine

Tho the days always bring
deep despair
Don't panic, God's help always
is there
If always you fear and
feel alone
God can always comfort you
as His own

Tho troubles always are
in view
God will always see
you through
Always keep faith and
don't forget
Jesus is always a friend
still yet

Hello Sunshine


Norma Jean Duncan

Hello sunshine, it's nice to see you
For three days our guest was rain
We needed Mr. Rain, it's true
Glad to see you sun, just the same

When you come peeping thru
Happy smiles come ore faces
We sun bathe under you
We travel to different places

So hello sunshine, please shine all day
We'll welcome your stay once more
Until the rain comes our way
And send us inside the door

Now is the Right Time


Norma Jean Duncan

The two opposite forces
The ones evil and good
Are now coming forth
As the Lord said they would
People are being divided
As they make their choice
Wheather they serve God
And who's praises they voice

Now is the right time
To turn from our sins
To look toward our creator
And let Jesus Christ come in
Now is the right time
To let God have His way
Let Him guide us through
Into a brighter perfect day

The good are getting better
The wicked doing worse
Everywhere around us
The earch is under a curse
The people are so confused
And know not where to turn
They're looking for peace
For God's blessing they yearn

There is no power greater
Than the Holy Spirit now
No power can conquer
Except what God will allow
People be not discouraged
For God stands firm and true
Rest on His promises
He gave His word to you