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Corey Dugan


Gwangju, Kyonggido, Korea

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Rusty Gutter Puddles


Corey Dugan

Somewhere, beyond mundane purple books
lying fresh on oily beds,
tired over from sore late nights
filled with stubborn wine,
Music makes people laugh and dance and throw
blue lollipops on pretty girls' scarves.

Somewhere, when locks lie stuck in wax
upon determined foreheads,
while wrinkles are molded forever into
new leather walking shoes,
A line is written about dried tears on
an old friend's cheek of sunny Sundays.

Sometimes, when nervous fingers
extract pineapples from plastic wrap,
while mouths chew on souvenirs from
popular places that lay crumpled in the corner,
Pillows pile up to drain the remains of
memorable breath never respent.

Somehow, even when matches
burn black holes in pink lungs,
while knives cut the lives of
peppers shining bright,
I know that life drips and gathers along
the rusty gutter nothing that won't
settle in the puddle
at the bottom.