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Sasha Dudek


Crystal Lake, IL, US

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How I Fell & See It


Sasha Dudek

We all crashed
We all burned
We all cried
We all hurt

Some of us feel bad
Some of us are mad
Some of us are sad

We'll all forget
We'll all remember
We'll all regret

Someday we'll find eachother
Someday we'll find peace from one another
Someday we'll find forgiveness

We all have something to show

Scars that'll heal
Scars that'll be their forever
Scars that'll remind us

Guilty is what she'll feel
Anger is what he'll show
Sadness is what she'll hide

Theirs no way to hide
Theirs no way out
Theirs no way in

Live is what we did
Die is what some of us wanted
Invisiable is what we chose

Don't know how to deal
Don't know how to pick it up
Don't know how to put it back

Reality we don't know how to accept
Reality we don't know how to feel
Reality we don't know how to see

Nothing is agreeable
Nothing is possible
Nothing is real