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Nicole' S. Ducote'


Vancouver, WA, US

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Physics -


Nicole' S. Ducote'

We had our moments -
Touch to Touch with a
Candle flame and a Cosmo the
Simplamente between.
The clicking of heels and
Boots down the Sidewalk,
Late under the drizzled Midnyte
Portland sky -

Driving far; fast, oh fast down
Unlit roads - traveling
Oft and afar to find one;
My Prince of the Darke.
The black velvet and
Leather - slivre hoops and rods;
The innocent piercings.

We waltzed together in our
Own mystic fashion.
You led me as I was the one who
Chauffeured every Shindig,
And every coffee experience - You then
Dissapeared, just as all the others -
Not to add a name to the list;
Now never to leave a kiss
Goodbye ...

Toil -


Nicole' S. Ducote'

Kiss; Tell -
Burn, broil within me; -trying my
Every crevass; every Mistaken keyhole.
I wait; for your Thrashing sword,
The dagger that Damns its way
Inside - into the Hell.
Deeper, Deeper; gone -
The pieces of my Paper wings
Thrown the Distance.
The ashes go unrecognizable as I
Fall - into a Spyraling of
Poison champagne and Cotton Candy
Swallow and Force the difference
And let it Deteriorate pits of the
Acid Reflux - to the Core.
My White-Hot dwarf dissapears ...
Roll my Wake in Zig-Zag and
Burn it over my dogwood flower -
You can't leave, I won't let you
Forget ...



Nicole' S. Ducote'

Dedicated to my true "One in Many" ...

Do I entice you?
Do I please you in such
A way that every nerve
Inside of you has an
Eerie, tingling sensation
Running through it ...?
Yes ... I know; I do that to
A lot of people ...
Come - laugh with me at
This whole scenario ...

May I ask you something?
What do you want; right
Now, at this very moment?
What will make you happy ...?

You, my friend, are also
Enticing and Cosmic.
Unfortunately, you have
A helpless, irresistable flaw.
Intoxicated easily by the
Deep, oxblood wyne of Words
And women. I respect; but
Remember - there is always
One in many ...



Nicole' S. Ducote'

In remembrance of Jason Vinsonhaler - died Aug. 12, 1995.
A friend Forever and a Day ...

For all those Times ...
The Black, the bottomless
Depths of Coffee, even the
Instance you playfully
Scampered across the floor,
The crabwalk style,
Just to look up our Petticoats
To see what No other
Person could -
We wouldn't let them ...
Only you -

The One who was pure,
Innocent; Invinceable to
All in Life -
All but yourself ...
We lost you, then.
I should have been there,
With you in the defying
Death - fighting over who deserves
Shotgun ...

Tears - Thundre, black clouds,
And rain. Such a perfect
Setting of the Stage for your burial.
I loved you - You were my
Teddy Bear who loved my
Eyes ... Don't worry, Sweet Boy,
They made a River for you -