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Dan Dressler


Hummelstown, PA, US

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The Creature of Lonliness


Dan Dressler

I fear the worst fear; of loneliness
What good does it do to reminisce
Of past thoughts at hand and fear in the mind
Many people beware of this similar kind

This Monster in me is a breathtaking sight
Its damage is heartless with all fears held tight
It's a crewel part of me that denies me my life
Withholds all imagined with jealousy and strife

The thing from the depths of my senile mind
Eats away at the thoughts of an innocent kind
Apprehension is here but my mind is not
Instinct is present; yearning a lot

My only soul has fled with all sanity
What an intelligent thing to leave me behind.
To be eaten away ever slowly at first
Loneliness haunts me; I prepare for the worst

In the eyes of the monster I fear in fright
Whether it's here to stay I question it not
My stomach churns; my adrenaline burns
The creature is here but my soul is not

Although face to face I look at another.
An image like me, facing the pest
Another existence another mess
Although nothing like me his fear; loneliness

Men fight for our country, proud of pride
As I by myself, in fear simply hide
Of a creature up here, all in my mind
A devastating tension builds as I cry

I stay in one place as the worlds progress
It moves on without me, I'm doomed to retrogress
I'm a thing of the past; a failure's witness
As I cope with the monster of loneliness

You Are The One


Dan Dressler

Your devoted and unquestionable passion has poured forth from thy internal spring;
An enduring flow of the soul's liquid quenching necessity.
My yearning for a glance of your exquisite face is just as indispensable as my need for water.
It's impossible to concentrate without that delightful personality recipe.

My most divine dreams of you are but a poor excuse for the even more brilliant reality.
Your beauty is truly unique; a scarlet orchid in a tropical sunset.
Thy graceful complexion; a seraph's soft angelic face.
Like the gaze of a certain star-crossed lover at the moment they first met.

The things I see as I look deep in your remarkably bright eyes;
A vivid transparent blue waterfall, a soft fog on a twilight-illuminated brook.
An innocent and pervading sense of passion that engulfs me like a warm summer mist.
Your line has been cast at Lake Passion and I, the awaiting fish, willingly bite the hook.

Your gorgeous hair; blown by the breath of a beautiful blessed goddess
With the undulation of the sea, and the radiance of the moon on a mystical night,
It shimmers just as bright as the way vitality is reflected off your luscious eyes.
Surely no other type could possibly enhance your elite beauty to yet another height.

Thy beauty is stunning and absolutely unmatched in comparison to any other maiden.
The dreams I recall as I look in your eyes exhibit an equally complimenting personality;
A secret set of whims I have entombed in my modest, yet expressive utopia.
Yet I would trade in any to be forgotten, for merely being with you in reality.

The Marines at Desert Storm


Dan Dressler

Tough times come
People run from them in fright
Then things get worse
They just don't know what's right
You've make up your mind,
To stand up for which you believe
The support of your country,
Your friends at your side,
And the pride of your family tree

You cry out at all the pressure
The frustration remains so tight
Your objectives in mind
Careful to keep your goals in sight
To control all of the anger
The driving reason to fight
But you must keep control until the time is right

You stand up with courage
And break the earth-bound chains
Your adrenaline level is climbing
With the memory of all your pains
You release the built up anger
And cry out with all your might
At the damage he's caused
The world's hearts in his hands
Sadam's crushed with all his spite

Now everything is planned
The United States has been too nice
His Nazi ways are unbearable
And now he must pay the price

Who does he think he's dealing with
"That man must be insane"
He tested us for the last time
And now he will bear the pain

The marines have been released
Sent into battle to fight the Middle East

To be Suicidal is to be Selfish


Dan Dressler

Hundreds die of hunger in poverty each day
While those remaining behind struggle to eat.
Breaking their backs. Harvesting their wheat.
Wishing they were in the good US of A.

Those who are poor treasure their lives,
Spending fifteen hours each day hunting for their meat.
Only to come home and sleep under a single sheet
While concerned of the health of children and wives.

They do this as you sleep in a large elegant house.
Warm when it's cold and cool in the heat.
The poor build a fire, in attempt to warm just their feet,
With barely enough food for them or even a mouse.

Yet you become suicidal while playing computer games.
Unhappy with life as you sit in your seat.
Eating Cereal, some candy, or some other sweet
While hundreds who want their lives die with lost names.

They struggle to support and live out each day.
Hoping to live with such little food in some way.
They sit over their hungry children and pray,
Asking God for just a little success in taking their miseries away.

Yet they still want to live, while you want to die.
You want to kill yourself over some self-centered matter
While starving children in poor health grow sadder.
While those children die, you sit in selfish depression and cry.

Many of the elderly are living cruel painful lives
Plagued by imminent death and constant poor health.
How they would be blessed to have you health and not wealth.
And yet you stare, unappreciative, glaring at those knives.

If you take your life, will the sick of the world mourn?
Will the homeless lament as you lie in your cozy coffin?
Will they understand, "My life's gone rotten?"
No my friend, the less fortunate will merely scorn.

According to the Bible, every life has a purpose.
That purpose may be whatever you choose it to be.
Perhaps to help the poor with taxes and fees.
Or help heal the world's problems as they forever surface.

Love Found in Darkness


Dan Dressler

The winds of time keep blowing.
On and on I go astray.
The ores of time keep rowing
All along life's weary way.

No matter how much time goes by.
The memories are always there.
Wherever I go they haunt me
In the midst of my despair.

I guess the time has finally come
To take control of the course of my fate
To wash away my painful past
Before hopelessness proves too late.

As a boy, no friends were true.
They abandoned me and left me on my own.
There was no one I could trust
So my heart began to rust.
They just left me, hurt and all alone.

My life was turned upside down.
The sensation of being drown.
My heart thundered
For my life to end
And for it to beat it's last sound.

The endless tears just poured down
From the corners of my eyes.
My soul looked out upon this world
With contempt and despise.

How could anyone bare the sorrow
That was bestowed upon this Earth?
How could anyone go on
Without any sense of worth?

I guess the time has finally come
To take control of the course of my fate
To wash away my painful past
Before hopelessness proves too late.

I was lost and now I've been found
By a girl that's captured my heart.
She nurses the pain
The deep-rooted stain
That was tearing my heart all apart.

Then one night in the moonlight outside
A beautiful girl cautiously approached me.
She asked me what was wrong.
I replied, "My life's too long!"
Then she said I was her destiny.

The obyss of my heart had at last been unveiled
The barriers crumbled inside
The key to my heart had at last been retrieved
With her, no need to hide.

Beauty fumed out from her every move
Soft eyes danced with delight
Oh ray of moonlight, just look upon her.
Oh what a soothing sight!

I guess the time has finally come
To take control of the course of my fate
To wash away my painful past
Before hopelessness proves too late

Her eyes; a waterfall
Her hair; the breeze
With love just as warm
As a spring brook at ease

An Angel from heaven,
The fog of thick love,
Oh good God of thee
She's a blessing from above.

The Lava Lamp's Blobs


Dan Dressler

Liquid blobs slowly rise and fall within
Light penetrates and fills the liquid blobs making them radiant
The light's heat permeates the surrounding air and looking at it inflicts a warm feeling
The movements are mezmorizingly slow and intriguing
They float around carelessly,
As if they were dizzy
They have a mind of their own.

They are giant fireflies
As if in slow motion,
They flirtatiously touch each other
And frolic about,
In search of a partner to adjoin with

They are fireballs fighting over the lamp's heat
They push each other
They smash into each other
They are loaded with energy
They are restless