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Goldnolde Dreamer


Jamberoo, NSW, Australia

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Goldnolde Dreamer

Swirling, twirling, bubbles galore
Sinking to the ocean floor
Crashing, smashing, deafening sounds
Pressure in my body mounds

Choking spasms more now than then
Black and white then black again
Thunderous spinning, pounding pain
Just let go, there'll be no gain............

Quieter now in a deep dark hole
"Are you ready to come and play the role?"
Hands reaching out to take me there
"Come just a little further, you're nearly here"

All of a sudden, like pulling me back
I see a bright light through a tiny crack
"Don't listen to them, don't go therE
Come back......Come back.......COME BACK!!"

I'm wielded around by a ghostly ray
And gently led back along the way
I see sky and people and I hear the sea
My God!, what on earth just happened to me?