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Richmond, VA, US

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It's Been A While


Atari Dreamer

I live in the sanctuary of my life
Nothing holding me back
But my willingness to succeed
And it's been a while
Since I stopped believing
The days pass by so slowly
And I can see the hands ticking
In the frames of measured time
And I see myself aging
Into the unknown
Of what I had never dreamed to be
And so far I can make it
Because of simple words like hope and faith
Faith in myself, so there goes possibility
There is nothing else left to believe
Clinging to a frame of mind
That is filled with vessels of undelved inner sight
And it's been a while
Since I lost myself in the azure sky
A world full of tranquility
It is the one thing I long to be
And yes, it does rain
Drops falling with bitter delay
Peering from inside my window pane
I watch the graceful display of sorrow
Blue empty eyes reflected back
And it's been a while
Since I have known my own face

Night's Admiring Splendor


Atari Dreamer

Alas, the night's admirer sleeps
Where upon only the moon may hear his heart beat
Perhaps then all is calm
Yet the stars flash silver as a homage to their god
And below this celestial display of extravagance
The world only seems at lull
Still creating tiny wonders
That we awaken to at the breath of dawn
Tear drops of dew misting the land
Sunlight's first piercing rays of splendid light
Freshness hung freely in the air
Gift from moon's sweet dwindling sonnet
Our eyes are closed to the creation
Ans still we awaken from slumber haphazardly and unaware
Only the declaration of the land
It's children, reaching for the sky
Bearing full blossom and heavily laden with fruit
Tell of such splendor
They have been kissed upon by the tears of the sun
Goddess accepting defeat
When night's admirer plays upon the moon