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Annette Doyle


Sydney, NSW, Australia

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Your Words


Annette Doyle

I read your words tonight
Of a love you once had
I pictured you with her
Touching her the way you now touch me
I felt uneasy, I felt abashed.

I read these words again
I could feel your tenderness
I related to your depth
Your innate ability to describe,
The feelings you once had
For a girl who made you feel
Safe, warm, alive.

I know I canít compare
me and us, to you and her.
Yet your words told me how much
You feel and yearn for love.
I told you the other night,
As we layed in bed together
That I love you and I have done forever.

If it is possible to love a stranger
Before the connection is made
Then that is what happened with me.
You didnít hear these words
But I wonder if you felt them
For I only whispered them quietly
So gently that you wouldnít know.

That I was expressing to you a love.
A deep, encompassing love
That until this day
Has been unknown.
Yet I knew it was always there
Just no one had awakened
This passion, this energy, this desire.

I read your words again
And more emotion was stirred,
My stomach was in knots
Me heart cried out to you
I didnít want to react
The way I did.
I didnít want to feel
The way I did.

Is it because I know that touch
That was so eloquently described?
Is it because I know those eyes
That follow me around?
Is it because we now lay together
Side by side?

My heart has opened up more
But this is the only way
To allow the growth and healing
Of a past now so far away.

Thank you for sharing,
The honour I feel
That youíve shown me a part of you
Means so much to me
Itís a part not everyone would see
Itís closeness and intimacy
That two people can share
Once theyíve reached a point
An open vulnerability
With total safety
And pure honesty.

No strings attached


Annette Doyle

I should have known
This man had his reasons
Our meetings were short
Our love was in season

The thrill of his touch
The exciting interludes
Was my love so blind?
Why was he so rude?

He said it was banter
He said this was fun
The cerebral exchanges
He never mentioned his son.

No ring on his finger
I didnít want this to end
We sat down to talk
He wanted to mend.

Succumbing to his eyes
He knew what to say
I know itís not right
He wanted it his way.

His wife is Elaine
Connor is his boy
A little baby girl
Will they learn of his ploy?

We loved and we laughed
Not once did he stay
Our nights were erotic
Our bodies at play.

The connection that exists
Will that ever die?
A million lessons learnt
A thousand tears cried.

The fear that resides
Of again opening up
The courage it will take
To trust a manís cup

So many lies
And empty nights wishing
That he was close to me
And it was I he was kissing.

This was crazy I know
A family he would not part
How could he let me fall
And then break my heart.

In over a year
Not a photo to be seen
Of our time spent
Just a memory of what has been.

I do wish him happiness
I do want whatís best
As the moon is my witness
I hope Iíve past this test.

Our lives will continue
It wonít be the same
Without him around
There is no more game.

But now with him gone
Iím free to surrender
To more of lifeís lessons
My heart a little less tender

There will come a day
Where Iíll smile at the thought
That this was one of those things
That I had to be taught

I will love and trust
And again give my all
To the next man who arrives
Dear God, this is your call!



Annette Doyle

My hands are tied
Restricted, but alive
What ever you say
I will obey.

A different headspace
My freedom is lost
You have the control,
I know the cost.

For now Iím yours
To play with all you like
The pleasure is so great
Iím soaring like a kite.

The sting of your hand
On my innocent skin,
Rushes through my body
From the uncommitted sin.

The pain is getting less,
The sensations growing high,
The endorphins kicking in
I know I can touch the sky.

The weakness that I feel
Is making me stronger,
The submission I give to you
Canít be held back any longer.

So in this infliction
Of heat and pain,
Know that I trust you
Through out this game.

The dream


Annette Doyle

What is a dream
When it feels so real
Visions with a message
Subconscious with a deal.

Visitors from afar
Drop in for a chat
Welcomed or not
With the mysteriousness of a cat

The fear that resides
The calm to follow
Conversations exist
In the vacuum of hollow

A small memory of travels
From the night before
Places and people seen
Upon awakening there is no more.

A compliment


Annette Doyle

When you hold me in your arms
I feel safer than ever before
When you stare into my eyes
It's a feeling I can't ignore

When you speak to me with your gentle voice
I seem to catch every word
It can't be all a game this time
Because some things you say I've never heard

When I'm close to you
Iím never cold, snuggled in your warmth
I feel that what you have to give
Canít do me any harm

You're what I've been waiting on
For so many years
Someone to share my love with
And run away my fears

How I feel about you
I really can't explain
But through these few lines I write
I hope you can obtain

The fact that I am real
And I'm not with you to play some game
And I pray every night that you somehow feel the same
Because I think I've found someone
Who will love me just for me
You give me all the reasons in the world
To be faithful and true

In these last few weeks together
Every day has been brand new
You have taken me to such high places
And I wanted to thank you

So let your heart go with mine
Because with you and me together
The compliment of our partnership
Is more than Iíd have expected_.ever!

A loss so profound


Annette Doyle

I lost a friend, a lover, a confidanteí
A drinking buddy, a kindred spirit

I lost a lifestyle, the unique intimacy of our times together
I have the memories, the words, the warmth in my heart of him loving me.

I cry the tears of pain
That accompanies such profound loss

The loss was sudden and unexpected
We were found out.

The highs were at sky level
The lows were guttural.

The connection still exists. I can feel him still loving me.
I can feel his pain, his confusion, his fear.

I want a decision to be made,
I want to let go
I want him back
But I want him to go.

I bless him, where ever he is.



Annette Doyle

Acceptance is a life force
Greater than most know
For once you can accept
A new power is what flows

Accepting you for what you are
Who you are and where youíve been
Allows me to rejoice
In the power of love

For I too have been to places Iím not proud
But the acknowledgment from me
That thatís ok, makes you ok too.

I accept me and I accept you
For al that you are and what you have done
The past is whatís been
The future is where we are going
But right now in the present
Is what living means

As I take your hand
And we be in the now
Know that I accept you
For all that you are
Because I accept me
And where I have been
But you and I now,
Is what makes this dream

Going with the flow


Annette Doyle

Water flowing
Carrying life
Heading one way
Unaware of strife

Ignorant of others
Travelling along
Trees on the side
Birds with a song

Currents speed
And then slow
Rocks as obstacles
Going with the flow

Too soon?


Annette Doyle

Is it too soon to love you?
Is it too soon to let my guard down?
I do love you
My guard is down
It feels so right
It feels so new
The connection is deep
I do love you.

Iím going to give you everything
Iím going to show you my world
In the past this hasnít been possible
But with you the potential is huge

Youíve touched me in new places
We have so much in common
I feel so safe and so alive
No longer do I have to pretend.

Your smile lights my soul
Iíve let you in already
You have my trust and belief
You have my word that Iíll be true

There may be some times when
I drift away from you
But I will always return
I promise I will.

In those times when I drift,
Know that I still care
Iíve never gone far away
Itís something I can share

Iíd love to take you with me
If you want to come along
Itís just an old friend Iím visiting
Whoís been there since day one.

On her way


Annette Doyle

Sheís not here yet
But sheís close to my heart
This child whoís chosen
To play a new part

In my life and my lessons
She will bring new hope
She will bring new joy
A new ability to cope

She will open my eyes
To possibilities unseen
To a new kind of love
So precious is this being

We will learn and weíll grow
She is like no other
This child who is waiting
For me to be her mother

I donít know her name
I donít know her reasons
I do know her love
Will last through the seasons

So when she arrives
Iíll remember to pray
To God and the Angels
For giving me that day.

Come with me


Annette Doyle

I was walking along the side of the road
All by myself with a song in my heart
Happy with my cares and my freedom
Feeling the warmth of the sun on my back
Hearing the music of the wind rustling the leaves
Blowing my hair, cooling my face.

You pulled up beside me, car purring softly
"Want to come with me?" you asked
"Where are we going?" I replied
"Iím not sure, letís go for a ride".
So I jumped in with you and the journey began
The unknown exciting, destination anywhere

You reached for my hand and in silence we drove
The communication continuing without any words
I asked myself how I felt about your touch
It felt warm and soft and kind
I wondered how much I could tell you about me
Two complete strangers that happened to cross paths

With each passing kilometre we travel
Iím feeling more inclined to divulge to you
And with your encouragement and confidence
You are earning my trust more in each moment
My heart is opening up, slowly at first
But it will happen, Iím sure of it, just be patient
And as we drive along this road, Iíll be
There for you as I know you will be too!

Different paths


Annette Doyle

I really did love you
With all of my heart
I held you close
You kept us apart

I wanted to play
An integral role
In your healing and growth
Of your precious soul

Thatís not what you wanted
I thought you might change
I thought youíd be open
To what was arranged

Our times were wild
Our nights were fun
But the chains around your heart
Were not to be undone

Along different paths
You and I must travel
Iím so glad we met
And had this time unravel.

Endless possibilities


Annette Doyle

Growing in tune
Perpetuating with time
Oceans abundant
The future sublime

Whatís to come is unknown
The element of surprise
Possibilities are endless
The sun in our eyes

Where we are headed
Nobody knows
Hearts excited
Encountering the flows

Her own way


Annette Doyle

On her deathbed
Beside her an ashtray
She cries and she moans
She wants her own way

"To die when I want to"
Is what she claims
To go when sheís ready
With no-one to blame

A life full of love
No regrets does she recall
Her family around her
Pushed up against the wall

The pain in her eyes
Is easy to see
The longing in her heart
To once again be free.

Powerful beginnings


Annette Doyle

Never underestimate the power of words.
Never question the look of love
Never hide from that which you want
Always remember this is reminiscent of
A new beginning we won't ever forget
A new start and the stage is set
A new day filled with hope
Infinite promises wide with scope.



Annette Doyle

We love and we laugh
We tease and we play
But the love that exists
Grows more each day

Learning about each other
Takes time and grace
The presence of being
In this time and place

Forgiveness and patience
Are virtues to hold
On this journey together
Out of the cold

Not the darkness of the past
But the light of today
Take precedence in my heart
Where you will always stay

The Truth About Perfection


Annette Doyle

A long time ago,
There was a little girl
Who only wanted to please,
And to do this she thought she had to be perfect.

Along her way through life
She would be sad and dismayed
When perfection she did not see,
Neither outside in the big wide world or inside her tiny self

She read book upon book
To try and understand
This notion of perfectionism
And how it comes to be.

Occasionally she would get a glimpse
That life is not perfect and that was ok
This window of light and relief
Was often closed fast with the dark curtains of her old beliefs.

An accident she endured
That almost took her life.
But what it took to what it gave
Would never be compared.

For what it gave
Was a man to share her life.
A man to give her hope.
A man to help her see

That there is no perfection,
Itís a dogmatic ideal,
An energy of its own
That can destroy those who believe

That to be loved one must be perfect
Whole, complete and perfect
With no faults, no pain and no where to turn
This is what she believed.

What scared her the most,
Was what other people thought.
This accident that hurt her body,
Hurt her soul and pressed on her mind.

Because up until the crash
She thought she had almost hit the big time!
She was knocking on perfections door,
What she didnít know was that she was really in Oz.

Symbolic of the crash
Was the fall of her life,
The fall of her ideals
The fall of her perfectionism - or so she thought.

Now was the time to rebuild
But not all the blocks from before
She would use some of the really sturdy blocks
That were on the ground beside her,
But mostly she needed to create new blocks.

Although a job for one,
There was plenty of room for support and encouragement
It was her ideals and beliefs she was recreating
A chance to see what being perfect was all about.

What she couldnít see was that she always was,
And always will be, a beautiful girl.
Those who loved her saw it too,
But she was blinded by perfection and her own judgments.

All she saw was that there was certainly no way
Anyone would love her now. Sheíd dropped further away
From ever being the perfect one,
She had a body of pain that had come undone.

The misery was heavy
She was losing her will.
The days only defined,
By consumption of her pills.

Deep in the darkness of her sadness and fears,
Came a night sheíll remember for all of her years.
It started so quickly and was filled with tears
But oh how she needed these words in her ears.

"You are so loved, canít you see?
we care about you and want you to heal
It is only you who is doing the judging
It is only you who is not loving you"

To see his tears and his pain in this way,
To feel his frustration at my delay
In understanding his love and his kind intentions
In knowing his support, his reasoning and level of protection.


Gasping for air_.

The revelation was real
The feelings were true
A great weight was lifted high
Waves of self-love penetrated anew.

This little girl who grew up
With feelings of doubt at what she had to do
To obtain love from those close by,
Was astounded and so happy to know she need do nothing, but be true.

For love must be present within oneís heart
Long before it can be extended out into another.
Love is what heals and mends all wounds.
Love is the answer to all of lifeís woes.

Perfection is not about behaviour, looks or the way you live.
It is not even a necessity to ensure love is bestowed,
It is in the sunrise on a new day, on another chance for love.
It is in all of nature we see that gives back to us so much.



Annette Doyle

When I'm not with you, I dream of what it would be like to be close to you.

When I'm close to you, I breathe in every moment in the hope to capture it fully leaving nothing behind from my memory so I may look back on it later.

When we touch you are not only touching my skin or my hair or my hands, but you are also touching my soul.

When you speak, I hear the words I've dreamed of all my life and I smile at how blessed I feel to have met you and to be sharing my life with you.

When you open your heart to me, your energy flows through me with the same softness and warmth of a soothing, long, hot shower.

When we are together, the combination of our energies lifts me to heights and a place of strength and confidence that I've never experienced before.

When you talk to me about the future, not only do I share the same dreams and bask in the potential of what we have, but I honor you for being so honest and open.

When you listen to me and hear everything I'm saying and see through my words to the real issue, I thank God for your maturity, insight and wisdom.

When you call me to say hello, I've usually just been thinking of you and wondering what you are doing.

When you tell me you love me and when you tell me I'm beautiful, my heart melts but at the same time it opens up more so I can receive more of your love in me.

When I tell you that I love you, I mean it with all the water in the oceans, all the sky that is above us and all the air that we breathe.

Best Friends


Annette Doyle

I connected with my soul sister this weekend
Gee, it was good to see her
We hugged and we smiled, we laughed and we talked, we cared and we worried for each other - a typical catch up.
I noticed her long dark hair
A perfect mane
So feminine, so her.
Our embraces were strong, tight
We honoured the present moment
For all it gave us
Each other, together again.
Her husband - a phenomenal man
Who loves me like a sister
Who cares for me like a close friend
Who will protect me and my happiness forever, Iím certain of that.
They imparted a gift
From their recent trip
Back to his home country.
The love I received
The heartfelt tenderness
That was exchanged between us
Represented our bond that continues to thicken
Over time and over distance.
In my heart I knew how precious friends are,
This night I was reminded
Of the beauty and love that is best friends.



Annette Doyle

I was delivered to you and you to me
No longer alone, this was meant to be.
Iím now fulfilled and all that I ask,
Is for you to share your most precious love.
This is our beginning so beautiful and new
A love that was granted upon me and you.
With a loving glance or a tender kiss
My cares and foes no longer exist.
Youíre the only one who can melt my heart
When you touch my hand with a kiss,
Warm thoughts of you surround me
And always keep you near,
I love you darling man
With a love that is so dear.