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Patti Dowden


Spencer, IN, US

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It's Just


Patti Dowden

A poem is just words,
Without someone to read it.

A picture is just scribbles,
Without someone to see it.

Words, what are words,
Without someone to speak them.

Songs, what are songs,
Without someone to hear them.

So you see,
Just how would the world be,
If it weren't for you and me.

Wings of a Dove


Patti Dowden

Twenty years old,
The stories have been told.
You've gone far away,
I try to do whatever I may,
To keep my mind,
From you trying to find.

My heart is sad,
and It kinda makes me mad.
That they will never see,
Just you and me.
All the things we did,
All mom dreams of, is her little kid.

I cry to myself all through the day,
It hurts so bad you just wanna say,
"It's over, I'm done.
There is no way I will be able to have any fun."
But in my heart I know,
That I can't let this be so.

My memories seem few,
But that really isn't true.
The good times and bad,
They aren't all we had.
We had all the love,
Now attached to the wings of a dove.

Circle of friends


Patti Dowden

You're eyes are where teh stars shine.
I know you are one of the best friends of mine.
Your kind and caring and always true.
What would I do if I ever lost you?

I'm sorry I made you lose faith in me.
And now that it's over I can clearly see.
I can't make myself deny it anymore.
And because of this my heart will be permenately sore.

You know I will always be there.
Even if it seems as though I don't care.
Much like the circle of life, a circle of friends,
Will be an undying chain that never ends, never ends.