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Rachel I. Dotson


Centerville, OH, US

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Ghost in My Swimming Pool


Rachel I. Dotson

Last night, there was a ghost in my swimming pool

When I checked the water levels

Scattered ancient recollections,

Leaves littering the situation

Even more

I recognize this apparition

From other late night swims

And long jumps

Off the diving board

He thinks hes funny,

Bubbling up from the filters,

Staring at me,

As if he is someone else

Ruby rose color

In the whites of my eyes

I wake up naked,

Without a disguise

He came again last night

To remind me of you

Bizarre and endless

Like the pieces of glass

Lying on the floor of my swimming pool

Shaping a Blizzard


Rachel I. Dotson

I see you lying on a sketchpad

Outside a shadow;

Inside a circle;

A place I can never touch my eraser to

You stepped outside my margins

Into a galaxy I have never known

I look where I cannot see you,

Where the silhouettes often follow

Out on my trek through this blizzard,

I find all of my answers

Buried in my own pit of ice

Nothing technical

Nothing complicated

Simply a straight pin lodged

Inside the throat of my unconscious