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J. D. Dorsey


London, England, UK

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Is life


J. D. Dorsey

It's over
Take the heart and squeeze
Filling the cracks in as you walk
Consuming joys with a voracity
Taking the horrors in your stide
Waking with full mouth
Falling with open arms
Running with broken lungs
Rising with broken back
Growing with wisdom
Ageing with fear
Watching with wonder
Learning,a child
Freaking at excess of feeling
Drowning in the bathtub
Crying at the stars
Crying at the sun
Crying at the moon
Asking for everything
Desiring nothing
Addicted to everything
Relying on corpses
Crying with ancient frustration
Loving with individual confusion
Hating each morning
Loving each night
Never seeing true death
Until your own
Floating white
Not again
Leaking from the wrists
Laughing with true conviction
Never reminiscing
Being surprised at Christmas
Masturbating from memory
Arguing the opposite
Loving the scars
Travelling nowhere
Travelling everywhere
Misunderstanding the last chance
Dancing with drugs
Fucking the enemy
Car crash
Last breath
As far as it goes
Freaking with the trip
What is the colour ?




J. D. Dorsey

Bottle of whiskey
Inebriation intent
The stars spin out of the heavens
You can't look at them
without screaming from the gut
Bounce down telescopic corridor
Wall to wall
Soft body clutched in vulture grip
Fire escape yawns with a dipsomaniac kiss
Disinterested in it's depth
Attach suction cups
Try for re-entry
Describing a lazy arc
As the body swings and bruises
Spirited attempt at breakage
As futile as plasticine brutality
Diseased desire flying with it's own obsession
Crumble to the ground and wail
For a fingerprint touch to the groin
Proof that there is a reason
To this condition
Victim of a decaying orbit
Astronaut extreme
Snap the visor up before you see
Do you have all your abrasions in order ?
Can no longer see into his eyes
Comatose bladder stamp
Come on down
Come on down
Now re-entering earths atmosphere
This is where the action starts
Smelling like a scandalous weekend
Shedding skin in strips
City lights blink out
Your lights blink on
Somewhat hazy
Willing participent
Of a cruel and unusual foreplay.