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Roxsan Lea Dorough


Douglasville, GA, US

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always he (taylor)


Roxsan Lea Dorough

my pain only grows greater with ever
breath of ever waken moment not that i live but
that i die with out him for there's an image that haunts my mind
an bestills my heart for ever night without him is a
sleepless night cold is what i
always seem to be without
the comfort of his arms around me
arms i long to hold me the pain i
feel with in my heart
as I know you'll never know me the
pain clouds my mind an inside my
heart begins raining
have you ever seen eyes as bright as
the sun in the sky's an as deep as
the ocean blue
well i have an his have trapped me
for over me he has this hold that
will remain until
my dying day his arms
i long to
hold me his whispers i long to
soothe me ever moment of
my life is never ending longing
feel him near me to have his
hold me close
through the night an end
my pain
to me he is everything every
breath i breath until my dying day
when i hunger i
need him to feed mE when i
thirst i
need him to quench it
please i beg for him to
catch me
when i fall an lift me
to my feat
once again safely
he's my shelter in the
my life my love an my
hearts song
he's my eyes if ever i
cant see he's the ears
i need to
hear my heart beat through
the darkness hell lead my
way an bring me safely
another day to be close to
him is
all i dream but it
never ending for when i wake
i know he wont be here with me
he's everything i long to
have an even more what i long
to be all i need of him is to
speak my name to fulfill
me for his tender words an
gentle voice so much like an angel
soothe me when it comes to how i feel
the words are left unspoken for
when i had the chance to
speak i opened my mouth an my
voice failed me my words were
lost in fear of ever
speaking what i feel to fall
upon his ears so now hell never know me
an alone in my
heart i long to be close to
someone who will never know me .for
in the night he is my
dream that remains when i wake
that i carry in my heart every waken
moment of each day as i go on yet without him
i still remain here all alone as the
loneliness with in my life
consumes me i open my eyes to
the image of him that brings me
joy an as a thousand times
my tears fall down like rain
i need him to kiss them away for all
i want is for him to be close by my side an always
in my heart for i know he is only
my every wish the only
object of my desire the one
that i love true he opened the door
to my heart for only he
held the key an deep inside
that love that hides he let it flow
free fOR AS as for me there
is but only one that holds my
heart that angel with the hair of
gold that set me free the one who showed me what
heaven was like an set my heart
on fire his name rings in my
ears an vision throughout
my life from now until the day i die
hell be the one for me in my
eyes forever though hell never
see just what he dose to me for
every heart beat within
me screams his name because hell
always to me be every thing in
heaven an on earth God
created nothing with more beauty
then this one who i want to
stand before me but
when i reach out he fades away
to be nothing more than my hearts
memory dizzy my head
is spinning my feet cant touch the
ground IM falling more than i
already have i cant
steady my self as more of him
flood into me over an over again
i scream begging for
him to hold me to fill me up
with his love that could only
fulfill the emptiness
that's the whole with in my
heart that waits for only him to
know its true so people say
what is love some may never know
but my heart has already found
the answer an will
never let it go for in my heart
the truth i already find itS
something that is never ending
held onto till the end of time

this poem was written for my muse he an is dedacited to he (taylor hanson)