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Cassidy Dorman


Traverse City, MI, US

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Cassidy Dorman

my heart aches for you
i loose an anguished scream
my eyes bloodshot from crying
my cheeks glistening with tears

the memories attack relentlessly
an onslaught on my senses
your words echo in my head
my flesh remembers your touch

your heart warmed me against the wind that night
your tender eyes gazing at me
my face off my knees
your beautiful eyes wait for my eyes

untitled (for bree)


Cassidy Dorman

the look in your eyes ignites a zealous fire in me. my desires become stronger and stronger. my arms around you, my face burried in your chest, swallowing your heartbeat. we lay tangled together, a twisted mass of flesh. we float on a sea of warm embraces and sugar sweet kisses. stranded and not wanting to be rescued. my senses explode with the feeling of your breath on my lips.