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Sunset And Sunrise



Ode to the Baby New Year

Purple visions lined with once thoughts of yesterday
Escape their prisons of forgotten gold laced memories
To embrace their freedom but for a moment

Teaching and reminding the sunlit droplets of wishes
Building their palaces of passionate hopes anew
To line their steps with the silver of life’s worth

Mingling and dancing vapors of the sunset and sun rising
Striding their grand staircase mixed with emotions gone
Waiting breathlessly in the offing for what treasures may come

Life’s Wrath



Don’t stumble on the outskirts of this darkness
Less you fall where shadows cast no light
The air is suffocating and squeezes the heart
No flames or stepping stones for your feet’s flight

I avert my eyes and cover my ears
Dwellers’ of this darkness do not look my way
I won’t hear your fiery tongue
Or acknowledge your foggy ballet

In this vastness and emptiness
The only voice you’ll hear is the one in your head
No helping hands or arms outreached to hold
Unless you count those who’ve previously fled

All will suffer, it shows no favorites
It’s the place of daydreams and nightmares born
The predecessor’s know now leaving you to wonder
Why their cries are for the foolish ones that the living mourn

Dwellers’ of this darkness do not look at me
Allow my passage and step aside
Under your veil of darkness do not follow along
I feign bravery so your reason to awe me subsides

I’ve seen that death and life walk hand in hand
In a world where more than a few have seen
That daydreams can and will turn torrent
As long as this world is full of atrocious fiends