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Diana Donaldson


Studio City, CA, US

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Up On The Mountain Side


Diana Donaldson

This morning I woke up feeling restless and lonely
but allowed that quiet voice inside to calm me as it spoke.
.. "Go into the woods and listen to the Trees.
Climb up the mountain side you love... sit and be still."

In the summer heat I found a quiet spot in the shade,
stretched my long legs out over the edge and started to drift.
Thoughts coming and going randomly
not hanging onto any, dismissing them quietly one by one.

I watched the trees start to dance with the wind.
And smiled as a cool breeze brushed by my face.
Noticing that as the leaves danced their
colors seemed to beckon, "listen even deeper."

Three white butterfilies lifted my heart to entertain me.
And as I looked out I saw an eagle gliding across the broad valley.
Then two birds appeared and I thought of loving partnerships.
I glanced away for just a moment, distracted by the butterflies
looked back and they were gone.

I was really finding peace up here on the mountain side,
this afternoon spent alone.
Not regretting the past, cherishing the joy found in the moment,
Feeling empowered by the strength found from within.

Just then a small gnat started to buzz annoyingly around my ear.
And I couldn't think of or see anything else but this stupid pest!
Was I going to allow it to steal away the beauty of the moment?
I caught myself and laughed out loud up there on the hill.
"Stop!" "Wait a minute, Look at the Big Picture!"

And that quiet voice inside questioned. "Lost your Serenity?"
"Look at the tree tops dancing out there to entertain you.
Don't you see? God sent the butterflies to lift you up.
Are you going to forget the feeling of Unity the
Black Birds brought?"

Thank you God for all the little "gnats" of life.
And for all the lessons learned when remembering always to
step back and take a good look at the Big Picture...
and Soar!