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Shweta Domingo


Dubai, United Arab Emirates

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Through the darkness I walk


Shweta Domingo

Weak and lost I came into this world
Hate, anger, violence and spite
All towards me they were hurled.
Unaware I was of what was to know
Without a hand to hold onto mine
Searched near, far high and low,
For answers to my endless pursuit
Torture and pain I felt deep inside
Wounded and feared I lost my route.
Frustration crept into my life,
I took everything in my stride
With the feeling that I would survive.

Came the night when darkness called
Touched my soul and took it all.
The pain and torture washed away,
Found my way, no more to stray.
Hatred, anger and spite became my friends.
With darkness I began to blend.
Now I see the world with different eyes,
Only one day to stand up and rise.
To destroy my enemies vanquish them all
And bring about their downfall.
Greatness and glory shall be my flock
Because it is through this darkness that I walk