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Mel Domingo


Irvine, CA, US

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So Hard


Mel Domingo

Working so hard
Working so god damn hard
Trying to get you to notice
Notice me and all the things I can give you
All the things that I can do for you

So hard_
Gotta be working so hard
Right in front of your face
Unable to recognize
See the unbearable pain
Buried deep inside of me

Trying so hard
Trying so fucking hard
To get you to notice me
To understand me
Where Iím coming from
Where Iím going_
Running with this relationship

Itís just too hard
Itís just too fucking hard
To look you in the eye
See the blank stare
Strewn across your amazingly beautiful features
Your inability to realize how deep my feelings are
for you
My inability to expose myself to you

It canít be
It just wonít be
Too much looking
Staring behind a transparent wall of shame
Of disbelief
Of hardly living for anything else
Anything else but you

I need you
Just to be with you
Those beautiful eyes
Staring straight at me
Across the endless void of unknowing
Of self-doubt_ disbelief

All I see is you
All I can fucking see is you
Your radiant eyes
Blazing a trail across the sky
Straight to my awaiting heart
Jealous of anything that obstructs its path

Just you
The only thing in my world
The only real tangible thing
The only person_
Only object within my sight
My reach_

Itís only you
Just you
The one and only you
The only one for me

Staring across the great void
The great divide
The ugliness, the murk that separates you from me
Keeps me from being
Existing for only the fantasy of you and me