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Catherine Doll


Sherbrooke, QC, CA

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Myself to hide


Catherine Doll

My heart is so empty
Everything is gone away
I wish I was pretty
But I'm still grey
With nothing to give
Only tears and sadness
I wish I'd never lived
And didn't hurt yourself

Sometimes I'm sorry
For all the pain I gave
But instead of going crazy
I've got myself to save
Dirty things in my mind
Are pushing me down
But I just can lie
And take it on my own

No one really understand what I feel
They just think I'm so bad inside
But when my world become unreal
All the pain here is mine

Nothing is right for me
cause I am so wrong
But no one can see
How life is long
I just try to live
Without any hate
But they won't forgive
All my mistakes

I'm trying to forget
Bad things I've done
And all that I get
Is the right to be alone
Can't you understand
That I've got to hide myself?
I just can't stand
Next to someone else

No one really understand how I feel
They just think I'm so bad inside
but when my world become unreal
I've got myself to hide