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The sky's wound



An orange sliver tears through the black,
end to end the horizon bleeds an ocean to
swallow the sky.
Longing shadows hang on to silhouettes.
In awe of the Earth's magnificant display,
I close my eyes to feel my inner warmth.

The morning sunrise lies out before me.
A perfect setting of disarray.
Colors mingling unhated, undebated.

One lone chirping bird faintly voices waking
A horn in the distance bellies lifes stirring
My truck's engine swallows my solace.
The sliver is now an open wound.
I face the day ahead.

Living bodies love



Wisp your tongue on the nectar's
inject you with me inflated.
Bless me with your words,
forget me not with your eyes.
My heartbeat strums the spreading of thighs,
open, close. Rise, fall.

My heart beats to your sighs,
around my life you stray,
forever a shadow dancing.

Beat with me in heart's compassion,
close your eyes and breath,
let your loving body relax,
in time we march for gain.

see me with closed eyes.
Feel me full with a heartbeat.
One finger controls a river,
an open mouth swallows the valley.

Stop, go.
Roll and flow.
Full is the love we make,
thunder's heart crashes the night,
lightning electrifies the manic static.
Bolts entwine in love's pleasure,
legs asunder work together,
tight muscles pull with limbs closed,
breathing bodies die in orgasmic ecstacy.

Two hearts beat,
two hearts beat,
two hearts.....,
two hearts...,

The Maypole



Cold creeps slowly down my spine,
through the window the eyes see me.
Father time rings the twelve chimes of midnight,
all hallow's eve is upon me once again.
Every year the demons dance the maypole laughing,
never before have they eyed me ,
and never have their teeth bared my way.

There is a graveyard across the way,
every year on the twelfth chime a maypole appears,
the demons of hell dance merrily around while
satan himself watches in delight.
Always his horns drip with the blood of his damned,
never has he looked my way.

For twelve years I've watched the demons rise
from the grave's hallowed ground,
each one thirsting for the game upon Earth's plain.
Never have their eyes greeted me until now.
At the maypole they stood looking at me,
satan raised his left hand towards me,
he motioned with one bloodied finger and beckoned
for me to come play.

Every year there was never a winner,
never was the maypole not bleeding,
yet every year they came from hell to
play in the graveyard.
Death sat behind satan hooded,
his arms were always raised as his
tendrils danced over the heads of the demons.
That was his only movement, fingers weaving away.
Never has he looked my way until now.

On the hallowed ground I stood with children,
one by one they skipped before me,
each had a teasing finger for me to come play.
They danced around a maypole laughing and singing,
their eyes alight with death.
On the edge of their circle I felt a push
and into the fray I fell laughing in spell.
Satan leaned forward in joy and clapped in delight,
death added a ribbon for me.
My hand reached for it and found a hold.