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Tommy 2 Dogs


Stirling, Scotland, UK

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Tommy 2 Dogs

Deaths grip for me holds no fear
Its open hand invites me
Itís life itself which ever present
Squeezes life from me with no resentment
I taste its bitter smell
And wonder_ heaven or hell

I see such happiness all around
And wonder why me itís never found
She smiles and all seems well
I wonder what pain and sorrow and kind of hell
Have dealt this woman PAIN
Who has deserved none of this at all?

She lights up my day and those around
There can only be one who is this sound
Her humour, her patience should be rewarded
In my highest esteem she is regarded
When I depart this life she should be applauded
For going beyond the call in marriage she should be lauded

And why I cannot see beyond a day
Without this taste of utter hell
A possible cure I would say
Seems so very far away
It seems the tablets they donít work
So the media say, what a jerk

To think that I believed them
I take them everyday religious like in process
To fix my head with its mixed up signal
Its in such a mess
As time rolls on it seems to worsen
No logical sense of progress