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Richard Francis Doerfler


Amarillo, TX, US

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Friendly Foe


Richard Francis Doerfler

There is a man inside who wants to know,
are you friend or are you foe?
He said it hurts to have to ask,
but he said he sees past your mask.
You tell me friend, he tells me foe,
but when friend means yes you tell me no!
Must your words and conduct be converse,
for no deception hurts us worse.
One might ask, what to do?
how to be to see the you.
I say to them that don't you know,
such a querry echoes Foe!
To such a friend I'd spout at fast,
"Use your mask to kiss my ass!"

The Perplexity of Change


Richard Francis Doerfler

On a canvas white clear and bright,
a stroke of blue disrupts the true.
Thought this first stroke bleeds inequality
into what was once bare, broad, and brave, many must follow.
For a lone scar upon a canvas is a resounding
image of finality.
As the reds & oranges, yellows, greens, and blues
splash about and dance into place; they steadily march
forward forever changing what was once the way things were.
With every new stroke, a new image!
With every new color, a new meaning!
While this amalgum comes to a close
there apears a fork in the road.
Forget its imperfections, or brush them out
but lose Direction!