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John Doe


Dubai, United Arab Emirates

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John Doe

Look towards the Rising Sun.
Look away in sheer disgust.
Walk down the alley of darkness.
Walk through the doors of corruption.
Exit the light and enter the night.

Thunder crushes the heavens.
Our precursors bellow curses,
Hinder they do not to punish me today.
My curtains have drawn.
The extra nickel is lost.
No torch in my hand.
Can't remember the path home.

The skies are black.
Black as the magic of depravity
Black as the souls of our precursors
Inevitability foolish to escape
Death overcome me
Lead me towards the downward spiral
I am yours.

The Snake bites back the hand that feeds it.
The venom seeps in slowly.
Its power overwhelming me
Giving me strength.
Look to the Rising Moon.
Look to the Heavens.
Grab the extra nickel.
Grab the torch home.
And look to the Rising Sun.

One hand slow
One hand faster
One hand faster
Shield your eyes as it rises.
New life bleeds into the air.
Juggle the change in your hand
And bite their hand.

Existence is here.
Down the alley of darkness
Through the doors of corruption
Is the Dark Angel.
Sirens and badges_ It's a John Doe.
Back to existence.
Back to what ceases to exist.

Accept your fate.
Lash out on society.
Bear your fangs.
The Cobra_ King for years
And years to come.
Conquer your precursors.
And conquer your fears.



John Doe

To live we must die.
To die, life existed.
So we cried sweat, sweated blood, bled tears.
But what is life?
We excreted carbon dioxide.
We ingested oxygen.
We disposed of faeces.
We ejaculated unwanted food.

We inhaled our meals.
We gaped at sights.
We saw oxygen.
We ate carbon.
We are our carbon.
Based on the same organic matter as everything else.

Our pleasure lasts a cycle.
To relinquish that same hunger
Feed off another person's life.
An orgasm
A sudden burst of pleasure
Erupting into the dirt with what we came from.
To be forgotten in years?
In months? In weeks? In days?
In hours, in minutes or seconds?

Return to the dirt.
We came from dirt.
In which he joined us.
Planted in someone's womb.
To expose us to hell on earth.
Only to return to the dirt he made us.
Return to the dirt.
Rather that than burn in these flames.