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Geoff Dodson


Pemberton, West Australia, Australia

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Once one summer


Geoff Dodson

One summer's day since gone
Watching waves by the beach
Listening to seagulls arguing about the quality of the fish catch
Dolphins surfing for the sake of a more joyous life than mine
An almost casual gesture of affection
Brief touching of hands while reaching for the sun screen
A stolen glance at your sun tanned shoulders
Sweet femininity coyly utilizing its magic
Fading memories drift in and out as the tide
Casual conversations with coffee at our favourite cafe'
Running as fast as greyhounds for the last train
Slowly walking up your tree lined driveway
The bedroom looking out to sea
Moonlight dancing with mermaids
Making love and laughing
A late and lazy breakfast
Such enchanted days
Now you are gone and so I grow older with each passing day
A touch of grey hair perhaps lending a certain air of distinction
I still feel your last kiss
The taste of salt with cherry lipstick lingers on forever
You are forever young to me.