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Kristine Dirla


Boulder, CO, US

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Kristine Dirla

the smell of cigar smoke clouded the room
he reminded her of a dream she recently had
a stance of pride with warm gray eyes
she was unexpectedly distracted by him
an air of flirtation and independence

they journeyed together for a moment in time
two enraptured feathers sailing in the wind
she thought it was just a crush
he was from another place and time
their first moment as one came to an end

he tempted her to vacation in his world
she got on a plane carrying butterflies
where the scent of salt captured her memories
passionately waiting for the sun to spark a hue of green
collecting shells and a sense of the other
entangled as one they felt captivated

once more the strangers said good-bye
the light of the visit seized by the darkness
when she thinks about him
a smile appears on her lips
and the butterflies stir within