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Debbie Diopenes


Bacolod City, Philippines

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A Lightning for a Company


Debbie Diopenes

It crashes thru my brain
Like a cloaked dagger in the rain
Lifting me up in the air
Filling me out with despair
Arriving in surprise
Leaving me in the blink of an eye
Pouring heavily and out of control
Parting me with so much trouble

And I don't like it one bit
But your love has to go
And I don't know all the reasons
But your love has to go
No need to hide coz I already know
That your love ain't worthy

A lightning for a company
Striking a great old tree
Speeding like a bleeding bullet
Smashes my heart with a shock of socket
It carries a lot of dough
But it's not rich as it seems
Just like a blind man's earnings
It just got to go

No pity, no pity at all
Trying hard to forget
But later will regret
Your love that used to be here
But went on elsewhere

Get Healed!


Debbie Diopenes

I didnít see you for a moment there
I was blinded by the light
I got confused by your honesty
I forced you out of my sight

I wanna get healed from the love I left behind
I wanna do it with you in my mind
Coz you showed me how it is to be aware
of the things I create
Beiní left hanginí is my one true fate
But you happen on the same and only reason
Why I still live the past, the past thatís
inside of me
I still shake the fear of falliní real hard
I just canít let things be!

I got surrounded by your pride
I happen, you take, I cry
I take control of reality
I suffer, youíd know, Iíd die

Youíve gotta set me free
Donít leave me hanginí_
What more can I see
Itís you that Iím lackiní_

Pieces of My Puzzles


Debbie Diopenes

I said something to you but you didnít hear me
It was as if you didnít care
All you wanted was to go out
So I assume, you were there

I scream for help_
Feeling you, hugs reality
I dance with you_
Shaking fear, steals traversity

For I keep it all in mind
That you are just one of the pieces of my puzzles
I often go blind
Seeing you not connecting right

I felt nothing but for the close friendship
That I strain for you and me
My heart skips a bit
Just want you to be free

Left Hangin'...


Debbie Diopenes

Somebodyís gotta pick me up and pull me to my feet
Iíve been falliní real hard ever since I hear my heartbeat
I donít know what Iím thinking, or what Iím bringing
But I canít help it; I keep on doing the wrong thing

Coíz you came along so fast and brought me confusion
No matter what Iíd do, Iíd end up into depression
Iím sick and tired of always being left hanginí..
But what can I do, itís someone like you that Iím lackiní_

It feels great to be loved, even if itís just for a night
You can never tell when itís gonna be and youíll just drop
dead when it arrives
Coíz it brings what it takes to get you psyched
But no matter what you do, just a piece of advice, donít
be fooled by its pride

Everybodyís complaining why I canít get up
While you just stay put and forcefully place a gap
Youíre making me feel like Iím lost and unsecured
Sometimes it makes me wonder if I always get you pressured